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\\ws-app-01\users\SRowland\Clients\SHLS\Content\Images\alexander_mark_smMark Alexander – A widely respected specialist in politics, government, and election law, Professor Alexander has played a key role in a number of high-profile political campaigns. Included among his political activities, he served as a senior advisor for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and as a member of Obama’s Transition Team to review the Federal Elections Commission. In 2006, he served as General Counsel to Cory Booker in his successful bid as mayor of Newark.

\\ws-app-01\users\SRowland\Clients\SHLS\Content\Images\amzy_baher_smBaher Azmy – A sought-after expert on human rights, Professor Azmy directs the Civil Litigation Clinic where he and his students work on issues related to torture, indefinite detention, and the protection of immigrants. At the forefront of the fight for the habeas corpus rights of detainees, he also represented Murat Kurnaz, a German resident of Turkish descent, who was released from Guantanamo in 2006.

bennett_christina_thumbChristina Bennett, J.D. – Director of  the Academic Success Program and the Legal Education Opportunities (LEO) Program, both of which seek to ensure the success of students from all backgrounds. Before returning to academia, Ms. Bennett served on Diversity Committees while an associate at Riker, Danzig et al., and as Counsel in the legal department at UBS/PaineWebber, Inc. (now UBS, Inc.).  She has had an abiding interest in supporting individuals who were underrepresented in the legal field since she was the Academic Chair for Seton Hall’s Black Law Student Association while attending Seton Hall Law, and later, as a mentor for the New Jersey Law Firm Group.

\\ws-app-01\users\SRowland\Clients\SHLS\Content\Images\bulbulia_ahmed_smAhmed Bulbulia – Professor Bulbulia joined several other Seton Hall Law professors in founding the groundbreaking LEO program in 1978. A native of South Africa, Professor Bulbulia is a barrister at law of the Middle Temple and an advocate before the Supreme Court of Africa. 


\\ws-app-01\users\SRowland\Clients\SHLS\Content\Images\caraballo_wilfredo_smWilfredo Caraballo – Professor Caraballo is a civil rights advocate with extensive experience in the political arena. He has served as New Jersey Public Advocate and Public Defender, as a New Jersey Assemblyman, and was a lead sponsor of the state’s civil union law. At Seton Hall Law, he was instrumental in creating the Legal Education Opportunities program to provide greater access to a legal education.

\\ws-app-01\users\SRowland\Clients\SHLS\Content\Images\denbeaux_newsite_1_smMark Denbeaux – As a college student in the 1960s, Professor Denbeaux took part in the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery in support of the struggle for black voting rights. As he recalls, Selma then was “an ugly and scary place.” Taking on another scary place—Guantánamo Bay—he and his students spent several years poring through thousands of government documents to reveal the facts about the prison camp in their Guantánamo Reports.

freamon_bernard_smBernard K. Freamon – A strong advocate for protecting the rights of others and assisting the underrepresented, Professor Freamon was the founding director of Seton Hall Law’s Center for Social Justice. He currently directs the study abroad program in Cairo on International and Comparative Law, and Zanzibar Winter Intersession on Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking. He also is the author of numerous books and articles on Islamic jurisprudence and legal history.

godsil_rachel_smRachel Godsil – Professor Godsil has long been active in civil rights, land use, and environmental justice. She served as a senior policy advisor for the Obama election campaign, and has written extensively on the convergence of race, poverty, and the environment. Her current projects include Protecting Status: The Mortgage Crisis, Eminent Domain, and the Crisis of Homeownership, and Containments in the Air and Soil in New Orleans after the Flood: Opportunities and Limitations for Community Empowerment.

jeffries_shavar_smShavar Jeffries – A devoted advocate for educational equality and empowering urban parents, Professor Jeffries in 2008 was appointed Counsel to New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram. Currently on leave from Seton Hall Law, he welcomed the opportunity as another avenue to help improve the lives of state residents. At Seton Hall Law, his focus is on representing clients on civil rights, consumer fraud, fair housing, and other matters.

\\ws-app-01\users\SRowland\Clients\SHLS\Content\Images\lao_marina_smMarina Lao – Professor Lao began her legal career with the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division and today is a highly sought after expert on antirust, corporate, and securities law. In 2007, she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to the University of Munich and the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law.  While there, she taught U.S. Antitrust Law and conducted research on EU and U.S. competition law issues.

\\ws-app-01\users\SRowland\Clients\SHLS\Content\Images\maldonado_solangel_smSolangel Maldonado –A family law specialist, Professor Maldonado centers her work on the world of children. Her primary focus is on reducing the impact of divorce on children and building support for transracial and transcultural adoptions. She is co-author of Family Law in the World Community, and presents extensively on race, culture, and adoption, and the well being of children. She is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association and served on the Board of Director of the Dominican Bar Association.

poirier_marc_smMarc Poirier – Professor Poirier’s interests and scholarship are varied and far reaching, stretching across such areas as coastal land use, gender discrimination, and sexual orientation. His recent journal articles include “Natural Resources, Congestion and the Feminist Future” (Ecology Law Journal) and “The Cultural Property Claim within the Same Sex Marriage Controversy” (Columbia Journal of Gender and Law).

prempeh_kwasi_smH. Kwasi Prempeh – Counted among his achievements in the international arena, Professor Prempeh helped to shape democratic reform in his native country of Ghana. While serving as Director of Legal Policy and Governance for the Ghana Center for Democratic Development, he assisted with land sector reform and the review of the country’s constitution. His ongoing scholarly interests include constitutionalism in new democracies, and law and economic development.

saunders-hampden_brenda_smBrenda Saunders-Hampden – Along with her work in entertainment and copyright law, Professor Saunders-Hampden is a committed champion of diversity within the legal profession. She founded the Summer Institute for Pre-Legal Studies at Seton Hall Law and is former director of the Legal Education Opportunities program. In 2006, the Garden State Bar Association presented Professor Saunders-Hampden with its Oliver Randolph Civil Rights Award for her outstanding contributions to diversity, and in April 2009 the Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey honored her with its Changemaker Award.

johnson_kristin_130x81Kristin Johnson – As Faculty Advisor of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA), Professor Johnson is dedicated to the academic success, professional development, and personal well-being of all Seton Hall Law students, particularly those of African descent.  In addition to teaching Business Associations and Securities Regulation, Professor Johnson is committed to diversity and was a panelist at the Third National People of Color Conference held on September 9-12, 2010 at Seton Hall Law School.

hafetz 130x81Jonathan Hafetz – As the author of the forthcoming bookHabeas Corpus after 9/11: Confronting America’s New Global Detention System (NYU Press 2011) and the co-editor of The Guantanamo Lawyers: Inside a Prison Outside the Law (NYU Press 2009), Professor Hafetz centers his research on issues of constitutional law, human rights, immigration, and national security.  He is a strong advocate for civil liberties and human rights, and has testified before Congress on habeas corpus issues, served as counsel in some of the leading national security habeas corpus cases, and was a member of the legal teams in Boumediene v. Bush and Rasul v. Rumsfeld, two Supreme Court cases in which the right of Guantánamo detainees to habeas corpus was recognized.  In 2010, Professor Hafetz was appointed to serve on the New York City Bar Task Force on National Security and the Rule of Law. At Seton Hall Law, Professor Hafetz’s focus is on Civil Procedure and National Security Law.

Professor_Brian_Sheppard 130x81Brian Sheppard – Devoted to scholarship in preparation for entry into the teaching profession, Professor Sheppard served as a Climenko Fellow at Harvard Law School while earning his Master of Laws degree.  After joining Seton Hall Law as an associate professor in 2010, Professor Sheppard assembled a team of Harvard University constitutional law experts and two Seton Hall Law students to assess the constitutional validity of the 2009 ouster of Honduran President Zelaya.  In doing so, the team proposed recommendations for avoiding similar constitutional crises in the future in a final report that will be presented to Honduras’ Truth and Reconciliation Commission in early March 2011. By focusing on legal philosophy and the methodologies of behavioral psychology, Professor Sheppard’s scholarship at Seton Hall Law focuses on the analysis of theoretical and conceptual changes in legal systems and how legal and social norms affect those subject to them.

tracy_kaye_130x81Tracy Kaye – 



fisher_linda_130x81Linda Fisher – In addition to teaching Civil Procedure, Professor Linda Fisher is committed to defending borrowers in foreclosure and mortgage fraud and serves as a Professor of Law in the Center for Social Justice, Civil Litigation Clinic.  Her attentiveness to subprime and predatory lending led her to a research project that studied the foreclosure process and its impact on neighborhoods.  This project won her the honor of being named a Bellow Scholar, an honor given each year to academicians who seek to advocate for social justice in their communities. Professor Fisher is also dedicated to legislative and policy advocacy and works with the Center’s Urban Revitalization Project to craft strategies that address issues of urban housing. She is a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Minority Concerns, the State Bar Consumer Protection Committee, and the Newark/Essex Foreclosure Task Force.

nessel_lori_130x81Lori Nessel – As a Professor, Dean’s Fellow, and Director of Seton Hall Law’s Center for Social Justice, Professor Nessel’s research, scholarship, teaching, and training focuses on a wide range of immigration and international human rights issues. She teaches immigration and refugee law courses in the Immigration & Human Rights Clinic and supervises clinical students working on cases involving claims under the Refugee Convention, Torture Convention, human trafficking, family reunification and other forms of relief from deportation.  Professor Nessel is one of the principle faculty members engaged in the Haiti Rule of Law Project in which the Seton Hall Law community works to support L’Ecole Superieure Catholique de Droit de Jérémie, a small Catholic Law School in the remote city of Jeremie, Haiti.

kelly_kevin_130x81Kevin Kelly – Committed to working on behalf of indigent individuals in a wide array of family law matters, Professor Kelly is one of two Seton Hall Law Clinical Professor’s at the Center for Social Justice in the Family Law Clinic.  He supervises the law students who staff the clinic, teaches Family Law, Marriage and Divorce, Family Mediation, and Family and the State, and is the director of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Program.  Professor Kelly’s article entitled "Our divorce settlement: Till recession does it last," regarding the economy’s effect on the rising divorce settlement renegotiations and formal modification, appeared in the May 3, 2009 issue of the Newark Star Ledger.  In 2010, Professor Kelly was a trainer on Expert Witnesses at Legal Services of New Jersey, a non-profit organization committed to providing free legal assistance to low-income people in civil matters.

condon-jenny-brooke-130x81Jenny-Brooke Condon – Professor Jenny-Brooke Condon’s litigation and scholarship focuses on women’s rights, the rights of immigrants, and national security law.  As director of Seton Hall Law’s Equal Justice Clinic in the Center for Social Justice, Professor Condon centers her work around and supervises law students with cases that address asylum issues, equal protection, prisoners’ rights, racial and gender inequality, torture, and violence against women. Professor Condon was one of the lead attorneys in the Matter of A-T in which the Attorney General established that asylum laws must provide equal treatment to victims of gender-based violence.

ross_philip_130x81Phil Ross



miles-jessica-130x81Jessica Miles – A domestic violence and comparative family law specialist, Jessica Miles focuses on representing indigent clients in cases involving adoption, alimony, child support, custody matters, divorce, equitable distribution, protection orders, termination of parental rights, visitation, and more.  Before becoming Seton Hall Law’s Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor with the Family Law Clinic in the Center for Social Justice, Professor Miles litigated in the family and juvenile courts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and Florida.  She has worked with the Crime Victims Law Project in Pennsylvania, was the Director of Legal Services with the Sexual Assault/Spouse Abuse Resource Center in Maryland, and was an attorney with the Committee of Public Counsel Services in Massachusetts.  Professor Miles continuously strives to ensure that all people find equal access to justice under law.  In 2010, she was a trainer on Expert Witnesses at Legal Services of New Jersey, a non-profit organization committed to providing free legal assistance to low-income people in civil matters.

romberg-jon-130x81Jon Romberg – A dedicated public interest lawyer and scholar, Professor Romberg began his career working for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Public CItizen Litigation Group. He now teaches Contracts and supervises students representing indigent clients before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit as pro bono lawyers at Seton Hall Law's Impact Litigation Clinic in the Center of Social Justice. His interests range from class actions, complex litigation, and contracts to constitutional law, federal appellate practice, and law reform.