Professor Kristen Boon Organizes Experts Workshop on The Responsibility of International Organizations

Professor Kristen BoonSince 2000 the International Law Commission (ILC) has been working to codify, in a series of draft articles, the law on the responsibility of international organizations (IOs). This topic considers the nature of internationally wrongful acts committed by IOs. Can IOs violate international law in the same manner as states? If not, are they bound by a subset of the norms governing state conduct? This fall, the Sixth Committee of the UN will consider draft articles adopted on first reading on the Responsibility of IOs.

Experts Workshop convened by Kristen Boon, Ian Johnstone & Jacob Cogan, co-chairs, American Society of International Law IO Interest Group, and co-sponsored by Seton Hall Law School & NYU's Center on International Cooperation.

Kristen Boon will speak on the Judicial Review of International Organizations.