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Apr 23 -

Apr 23 -

Apr 23 - Seton Hall Law's 2015 Commencement. Learn more about our 61st Annual Commencement celebration. >>

Apr 22 -

Apr 22 -

Apr 21 - Professor David Opderbeck, speaker, Legal Risks in Cloud Computing, Delaware Valley Corporate Counsel Association, Philadelphia.

Apr 20 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist, Storytelling and Stereotypes, Lunchtime Lecture, CNN Diversity Summit, Atlanta.

Apr 18 - Professor Stephen Lubben, panelist, Reconsidering Safe Harbors For Repurchase Agreements, at 33rd Annual Spring Meeting, American Bankruptcy Institute, Washington D.C.

Apr 18 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist on Tackling Economic Inequality - Home and Community, New York Law School.

Apr 16 -

Apr 16 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaking, Prosecuting Torture? Moving Forward after the Senate Intelligence Committee Report, Moderator, New York City Bar Association, New York, NY.

Apr 15 -

Apr 14 - Professor Charles Sullivan, elected as a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

Apr 12 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, speaker, The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation and Attorney Fee Shifting, 3(2) 2 NTUT J. of Intellec. Prop. L. & Mgmt. (2014) [published in Taiwan].

Apr 10 -

Apr 10 - Professor Farrin Anello, panelist on Mandatory Detention and Other Custody Issues at the Federal Bar Association Immigration Law Section’s Symposium on the Intersection of Criminal Law, Immigration and Detention, American University Washington College of

Apr 10 - Professor Kristen Boon, panelist on Economic Sanctions – Hot Topics in 2015, American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Washington DC.

Apr 9 -

Apr 9 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaker, Terrorism as an International Crime: Mediating Between Justice and Legality, at the annual conference of the American Society of Int'l Law, Washington, DC.

Apr 8 -

Apr 6 - Professor David Opderbeck, speaker, Legal Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones), Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.

Apr 6 - Professor David Opderbeck, speaker, Current Developments in Data Breach Litigation, Policy, and Insurance, Gibbons Academy, Newark, NJ.

Apr 5 - Professor John Wefing, co-authored Significant Priorities for New Jersey Higher Education for the Governor's Higher Education Council.

Apr 3 - Professor Tracy Kaye, panelist, Tax Transparency: A Tale of Two Countries, Critical Tax Conference, Northwestern Law School.

Apr 3 - Professor John Jacobi, speaker, Multiple Medicaid Missions: Targeting, Universalism, or Both? 15 Yale J Health Pol, Law, and Ethics 89 (2014).

Apr 2 - Professor Carl Coleman, speaker, The Common Rule: US Regulatory Protections for Human Research Participants, in James D. Wright ed., International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd ed., vol. 4 (Oxford: Elsevier Press 2015).

Apr 1 - Professor Michael Risinger, speaker, Exorcism a Quarter Century On: Current Reliability Issues in Handwriting Identification Expertise, National Association of Document Examiners, Nashville.

Mar 31 - Professor Michael Simkovic’s study cited in New York Times Dealbook blog post on changes for the positive taking place in legal education and legal employment

Mar 31 - Professor Bernard Freamon, speaker, Understanding ISIS at a conference on The Rule of Law in a Globalized Environment sponsored by the Centre for Judicial Education and Research, The City University of Hong Kong.

Mar 31 - Professor Stephen Lubben, speaker, Essential Corporate Bankruptcy Law.

Mar 31 - Professor Jenny-Brooke Condon in the Star-Ledger on the New Jersey State Supreme Court ruling, denying Medicaid benefits to legal immigrants who are in the U.S. less than five years >>

Mar 30 - Professor Paula Franzese, panelist, Making It Stick: Empathic Pathways to Learning, New York Law School Faculty Colloquium.

Mar 27 - Professor Rachel Godsil, Key Note, Lakeshore Region Summit on Race and Inclusion, Grand Rapids.

Mar 26 - Professor Alice Ristroph, panelist, The Thin Blue Line from Crime to Punishment as the Clough Distinguished Lecture in Jurisprudence at Boston College Law School.

Mar 26 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist, Fairness in the Courts and Legal Practice, Michigan Federal Bar Association.

Mar 26 - Professor Paula Franzese, panelist, A Celebration of Women in the Profession, Seyfarth & Shaw, Metropolitan Black Bar Association and Hispanic National Bar Association.

Mar 25 -

Mar 25 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaker, When the Media Is Silenced: The Dangers of Telling the Truth, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

Mar 24 -

Mar 24 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaker, Judging Acts of Congress: A Conversation with Robert A. Katzmann, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit" Princeton University.

Mar 24 - Professor Marc Poirier, speaker, Instrumental and Ethical Approaches to Mindfulness in the Professions at Mindfulness and the Practice of Law, Columbia Law School.

Mar 24 - Professor Kristen Boon, speaker, The United Nations As Good Samaritan: Immunity Or Responsibility In Mass Torts Claims, University of Edmonton Faculty of Law Invited Guest Lecture Series.

Mar 23 -

Mar 23 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, moderator, Law Enforcement Surveillance Technologies: Are There Legal Limits?, Princeton University.

Mar 23 - Professor Paula Franzese, speaker, Knowing Our Worth: Ways to Frame and Reclaim the Promise of Equality, NJ Supreme Court Committee on Women in the Courts.

Mar 19 - Professor Rachel Godsil, speaker, Race in Law School, UCLA.

Mar 18 -

Mar 16 -

Mar 15 - Admissions Information Sessions: Take a tour, learn about the application process & see all of what Seton Hall Law has to offer. Upcoming sessions include 3/31, 4/9 & 4/22. Schedule a session >>

Mar 13 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaker, Corporations, Bulk Data Collection and the Right to Privacy, Institut d’Etudes Européennes, Universite Libre de Bruxelles.