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Feb 27 - Professor Bernard Freamon, speaker, Origins of and Foundation for the Desire to Enslave Others at Human Trafficking: Exploring the Reasons Behind Modern Day Slavery," sponsored by the Rutgers University Campus Coalition against Trafficking.

Feb 26 - Professor Bernard Freamon, moderating panel on Assessing the Efficacy of Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation at 150th Anniversary of the 13th Amendment: Is the U.S. Living Up to its Promise? sponsored by Seton Hall Legislative Journal.

Feb 26 - Professor Linda Fisher, panelist, Meaningful Mortgage Modifications on a panel addressing Market Restabilization after 2008 at The Future of Housing Symposium, Washburn Law School.

Feb 25 -

Feb 25 -

Feb 25 -

Feb 24 - Professor Bernard Freamon, speaker, Islam, Human Equality and the Legacy of Malcolm X address at Social Justice in Islam: Remembering Malcolm X sponsored by Graduate Muslim Students Association, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

Feb 24 - Professor Thomas Healy, speaking on The Great Dissent at The College of New Jersey.

Feb 23 -

Feb 20 - Professor Tracy Kaye, re-elected for a second three -year term as the Third Circuit Regent for the American College of Tax Counsel.

Feb 18 -

Feb 17 - Professor Michael Risinger, speaker, Developments in Bias Control in Forensic Science—A Year’s Retrospective, American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Meeting, Orlando.

Feb 16 -

Feb 16 - Professor Jenny-Brooke Condon on the front page of the Asbury Park Press on the wrongful death case filed by the family of an inmate in Monmouth County Jail

Feb 13 - Professor Bernard Freamon, speaker, Understanding ISIS, lunchtime address to participants in Conference on Domestic Jihad and ISIS, Center for Terrorism Law, St. Mary's School of Law.

Feb 13 - Professor John Jacobi, speaker, Integrated Behavioral Health Care, at Medicaid Matters III, St Louis U Law School.

Feb 13 -

Feb 12 - Professor Thomas Healy, panelist, Courage Under Fire, a panel discussion on free speech at home and abroad, at the NJ Historical Society.

Feb 11 - Professor Denis McLaughlin, presented his Annual Review of New Jersey Civil Case Law CLE lecture in Lincroft.

Feb 10 - Professor Thomas Healy in PolitickerNJ on the Superior Court's decision to dismiss a blogger defamation case -- and what it takes to make the claim stick in New Jersey

Feb 9 - Professors Timothy Glynn and Charles Sullivan, published, Third Edition of Employment Law: Private Ordering and Its Limitations (Aspen 2015).

Feb 6 - Professors Tara Ragone, Kate Greenwood, & John Jacobi, at the Sentinel Project (RWJF grant-funded project) conference, Insurance Coverage Issues for Mental Health and Addiction Services, Seton Hall Law.

Feb 5 - Professor Lori Nessel, panelist at The Role of a Shared Society in Achieving Socially Sustainable and Inclusive Development, Club de Madrid, United Nations.

Feb 4 - Professor Paula Franzese, speaker, Celebrating Excellence in Law Teaching, Pace Law School faculty colloquium.

Feb 4 -

Feb 3 -

Feb 3 - Professor Denis McLaughlin, presented his Annual Review of New Jersey Civil Case Law CLE lecture in Morris County.

Jan 31 -

Jan 29 -

Jan 29 -

Jan 29 - Professor Stephen Lubben, speaker, Derivatives and Chapter 11, at Bloomberg BNA's 2015 Outlook on Bankruptcy Law, New York.

Jan 29 -

Jan 27 - Professor Charles Sullivan in the Star-Ledger regarding the New York Yankees’ desire to revise its contract with Alex Rodriguez >>

Jan 26 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, Moderator A President at War: The Executive Branch and the Role of Congress in Authorizing Military Operations,  New York City Bar Association.

Jan 22 - Professor Paula Franzese, panelist, Evolving Standards of Professional Responsibility, New Jersey State Bar Association CLE, New Brunswick.

Jan 22 -

Jan 19 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, published, International Law, Article III, and the Constitutional Limits of Military Jurisdiction, 2014 Wisc. L. Rev. 681.

Jan 19 - The Center for Policy & Research featured prominently in new book, Murder at Camp Delta

Jan 16 -

Jan 16 -

Jan 16 - Professor Rachel Godsil, speaker, Race, Ethnicity, and Place Identity, University of Hawaii Law Review Symposium.

Jan 20 -

Jan 15 - Professor Michael Simkovic, named Number 16 in the National Jurist’s Most Influential People in Legal Education --2014.

Jan 12 - Professor John Wefing, speaker, History of the 1947 N.J Constitution, Rutgers Law School.

Jan 11 - Admissions Information Sessions: Take a tour, learn about the application process & see all of what Seton Hall Law has to offer. Upcoming sessions include 1/22, 2/5 & 2/19. Schedule a session >>

Jan 10 - Professor Michael Risinger, appointed to the Human Factors Subcommittee of the National Commission on Forensic Science.

Jan 9 - Professor Rachel Godsil, speaker, Fairness in Judging: Family Law in Context, New York Judicial Institute, Judicial College for New Family Court Judges, White Plains.

Jan 9 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, Commentator, Fifth Annual Tri-State Intellectual Property Workshop, NYU Law School.

Jan 8 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, speaker, The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation, 55 B.C. L. Rev. 1443 (2014) (published with a response by Professor Brian Love).

Jan 6 -