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Oct 25 - Professor Kristen Boon, panelist, Responsibility and Immunity in a Time of Chaos, discussing the Haiti Cholera Case against the UN at International Law Weekend.

Oct 23 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, Panelist, Women in Intellectual Property, the Gibbons Institute of Law and Technology, Seton Hall Law School.

Oct 22 -

Oct 20 - Professor Kate Greenwood, speaker, “Regulatory Flexibility” after Cook v. FDA: How Flexible Is Flexible?, Emerging Issues in FDA Regulation, Harvard Petrie-Flom Institute and the Food and Drug Law Institute, Washington, D.C.

Oct 20 -

Oct 17 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist, Fairness in Judging:  Addressing Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety, and Stereotype Threat, 2014, National Association for State Judges, Dover, Delaware.

Oct 17 - Professor Jenny-Brooke Condon, discussing The Preempting of Equal Protection, at the Junior Faculty Scholarship Exchange, UMass School of Law.

Oct 15 - Professor John Jacobi, Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy, in NJBIZ: new Sentinel Project dedicated to monitoring how effectively New Jerseyans are receiving healthcare under the Affordable Care Act >>

Oct 15 - Professor Linda Fisher, Center for Social Justice, in Sports Illustrated on small banks' due diligence practices and how former NFL star Irving Fryar allegedly exploited them to commit fraud >>

Oct 14 - Professor Thomas Healy, discussing The Great Dissent, at the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics, University of Mississippi.

Oct 13 -

Oct 13 - Professor Jenny-Brooke Condon, published, Illegal Secrets, 91 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1099 (2014).

Oct 11 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, published, Incentivizing the Ordinary User, 66 Fla. L. Rev. 1275 (2013).

Oct 11 - Professor Marc Poirier, leading a Practicum: Teaching Law Students to Meditate, SALT Teaching Conference, UNLV School of Law.

Oct 10 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist, Fairness in Judging:  Addressing Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety, and Stereotype Threat, 2014, National Association for State Judges, Cleveland.

Oct 9 -

Oct 9 - Professor Tracy Kaye, speaker, The Automatic Information Exchange System, Taxation in Europe: Tax Authorities at the Heart of the Crisis, Brussels.

Oct 7 - Professor David Opderbeck on Marketplace regarding the lack of overarching federal laws addressing cybersecurity breaches >>

Oct 7 - Professor Bernard Freamon, panelist, Hidden in Plain Sight: Human Trafficking in NYC and Beyond, part of the Women in Islam Lecture Series, Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library.

Oct 6 - Professor Kathleen Boozang,  panelist, Off Label Treatment: Use of Cancer Drugs Outside of Conventional Trials and Government Approvals, The Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert, New York City Bar Ass’n.

Oct 6 - Professor Tracy Kaye, panelist, What’s Going on with BEPS?, Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg.

Oct 4 -

Oct 3 -

Oct 2 - Professor Kathleen Boozang, Conflicts of Interest and Open Payments System, NJ Catholic Hospitals Residency Ethics Grand Rounds.

Sep 30 - Professor Margaret Lewis, speaker, When Foreign is Criminal, Villanova Law School Faculty Colloquium.

Sep 30 - Professor Michael Risinger, speaker, Using and Opposing Forensic Science Evidence, N.J. Office of the Public Defender training workshop, Newark.

Sep 29 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz talks to abcnews.com regarding Attorney General Eric Holder's record on national security

Sep 27 - Professor Jenny-Brook Condon, panelist, The Preempting of Equal Protection:  Toward a Reconstructed Theory of Immigrants' Rights, at the Clinical Law Review Workshop, NYU.

Sep 25 - Professor Tracy Kaye, panelist on OECD BEPS Project (base erosion and profits shifting) at EY Tax Club, Luxembourg.

Sep 19 - Seton Hall Law Center for Policy and Research Senior Fellows Publish Op-Ed in The Record on the Militarization of Local Law Enforcement

Sep 24 -

Sep 24 - Professor Kathleen Boozang, presented on Aid in Dying proposed NJ legislation at the St. Joseph Healthcare System.

Sep 23 - Professor Carl Coleman, rapporteur at WHO expert consultation on clinical criteria for the determination of death, Geneva.

Sep 23 -

Sep 15 - Professor Jessica Miles on Proposed State Legislation Designed to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

Sep 22 - Professor Jessica Miles in USA Today, CNN, Time and NJTV on Domestic Violence Case Against NFL Player Ray Rice

Sep 20 - Professor Marc Poirier, speaker, Solidifying LGBT Identity: Things, Places, and Neighborhoods at [Re]Integrating Spaces, Savannah Law School.

Sep 20 - Professor Alice Ristroph, panelist, Sovereignty and (or) Subversion at Jurisprudence and History Symposium, University of Virginia School of Law.

Sep 20 - Professor John Jacobi, will be a reviewer and participant in the Health Law Scholars Workshop, Saint Louis University Law School.

Sep 19 - Professor Michael Risinger, speaking, At What Cost?—What Can and Cannot Be Counted as a Cost of Adopting Blind Administration of Eyewitness Identification Procedures, at The Taz Galaxy—a Gathering of Scholars to Honor the Memory of Andrew Taslitz, Howard

Sep 19 - Professor Tara Ragone, panelist, Economics of Choice: A Health Insurance Rate Review Forum, hosted by the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy.

Sep 19 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, panelist, The Japanese Internment during WW II and the Treatment of Muslim Americans in the War on Terror, Policy Forum: Civil Liberties in Time of War, Panel Moderator, Princeton University.

Sep 18 - Professor Stephen Lubben, speaker, Corporate Bankruptcy Tourists, at 31st Annual Conference of the European Association of Law and Economics, Aix-Marseille Université, Aix-en-Provence.

Sep 18 -

Sep 14 - Professor Kathleen Boozang, co-hosted and moderated day-long Prescription Drug Marketing Act Alliance Program, Leesburg, Virginia.

Sep 13 -

Sep 13 - Professor Lori Borgen, speaker, Your Building Budget, Challenging Rent Increases, and Habitability Issues, at Tenants Rights Conference, organized by the HUD Tenants Coalition, Rutgers School of Law-Newark.

Sep 11 - Professor Mark Alexander, Panel Moderator, Fulbright for Food Security, University of Arkansas.

Sep 11 - Professor Margaret Lewis, speaking at NYU School of Law US-Asia Law Institute’s weekly lunch series.

Sep 10 - Professor Kathleen Boozang, moderated a panel at Seton Hall’s program for Life Sciences Compliance Professionals, San Francisco.