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May 23 - Seton Hall Law's 2014 Commencement Speaker is Kenneth R. Feinberg, Esq. Learn more about our 60th Annual Commencement celebration. >>

Apr 13 - Professor Mark Alexander publishes an op-ed in The Record regarding McCutcheon v. FEC and its impact on campaign contribution limits

Apr 5 - Professor Lesley Risinger, speaking on The Impact of Bad Eyewitness Identification and Interrogation Practices on Minority Innocents, 4th Annual MetroLALSA Pa'lante Conference, CUNY Law School.

Apr 4 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz in McClatchy DC regarding recently declassified report on CIA interrogation practices

Apr 4 - Professor Stephen Lubben, presenter on The Board’s Duty to Keep Its Options Open, University of Illinois.

Apr 4 - Professor Tracy Kaye, presenter on Taxation and Development Incentives in the United States, 17th Annual Critical Tax Theory Conference, Baltimore.

Apr 4 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, presenter on The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation, Patcon, University of San Diego School of Law.

Apr 4 - Professor John Jacobi, Panelist, Big Data and the Implications for Privacy, in Big Data and Health: Opportunities for New Jersey’s Health Care System, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.

Apr 3 - Professor Stephen Lubben blogs in the New York Times’ Dealbook, ‘Giving a Debtor a Big Club Against Lenders’

Apr 3 - Professor Margaret Lewis, commentator on Human Rights Development in Taiwan: Model for the Mainland? at Symposium on “Promoting Human Rights in China: Domestic and International Levers for Change, NYU Law School.

Apr 3 - Professor Marc Poirier, Speaker, Mindfulness: Effectiveness, Enlightenment, or Both, or Neither, Columbia University Buddhist Association.

Apr 3 - Professor Mark Denbeaux, panelist on The Future of Guantanamo Bay, Harvard Law School ACLU Chapter.

Apr 2 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, presenter on The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation, selected as the paper to represent patent law academic scholarship at the ABA-IPL First Intellectual Property Scholarship Symposium, 29th ABA Annual Intellectual Propert

Apr 1 -

Apr 1 - Professor Marc Poirier, Speaker, Saving the Beach Community from Itself:  Harvey Cedars v. Karan, Climate Change, and the Problem of Perilous Property, Loyola of New Orleans.

Apr 1 - Professor John Wefing, speaking on Judicial Recusal and Judicial Independence, CLE program at St Peter’s College.

Apr 1 - Professor Paula Franzese, Panelist, Mass Incarceration as a Human Rights Violation, Columbia University.

Mar 29 - Professor Paula Franzese interviewed on MSNBC regarding the TransCanada Pipeline and eminent domain

Mar 28 - Professor Denis McLaughlin, presented his 2013 Annual Review of New Jersey Civil Case Law CLE lecture at the Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute.

Mar 28 - Professor Paula Franzese, speaking on The Promise of Education and the Power of Educators, Keynote, NJ State Bar Foundation Symposium on Education.

Mar 27 - Professor Marina Lao, panelist, Debate Update: Defining Section 5 Unfair Methods of Competition, ABA Antitrust Section Conference, Washington, DC.

Mar 26 - Professor Paula Franzese, speaking on Finding a Seat at the Table: Assuring Success and Significance in Cynical Times, Keynote at Diversity Initiatives, Genova Burns, Giantomasi, Webster.

Mar 26 - Professor Linda Fisher in the Washington Post/Bloomberg regarding foreclosures in New Jersey

Mar 24 - Professor Kate Greenwood, blog posting on Co-Pay Coupons quoted by the Southern District of New York in AFSCME Dist. Council 37 Health & Sec. Plan v. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Mar 21 - Professor Denis McLaughlin, presented his 2013 Annual Review of New Jersey Civil Case Law CLE lecture to the Office of Legislative Services at the State House.

Mar 19 - Professor Marc Poirier, speaking On Teaching Law Students to Meditate, Villanova Law School.

Mar 13 - Professor Timothy Glynn, appointed Chair of the LSAC's Test Development and Research Committee.

Mar 12 - Professor John Jacobi, speaking on New Jersey's Medicaid ACO Pilot Program, Past and Future: A Baseline Report, Affiliated Accountable Care Organizations of New Jersey, West Trenton.

Mar 10 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, presenter on The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation, Cardozo Intellectual Property and Information Law Colloquium.

Mar 6 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaking about Detention at Sea: The Persistence of Territorial Constraints on the Constitution, at the International Association of Constitutional Law: Round Table, Harvard Law School.

Mar 4 - Professor Michael Risinger comments in the New Jersey Herald on the release of a man held on murder charges

Mar 1 - Professor John Jacobi, speaking on Medicaid Evolution for the 21st Century, 102 Kentucky L. J. 357 (2013-14).

Feb 28 - Professor Rachel Godsil, Workshop Leader for Strategies for Overcoming Implicit Bias and Stereotype Threat, at 2014 NYU Law Women Summit: Developing Early Strategies for Ensuring Women’s Success in the Law.

Feb 27 - Professor Denis McLaughlin, presented his 2013 Annual Review of New Jersey Civil Case Law CLE lecture in Newark.

Feb 27 - Professor Kristen Boon, will be presenting, Law, Intrastate Conflict and the UN Security Council at the Pace Faculty Workshop.

Feb 26 - Professors' Mark Alexander and Edward Hartnett, panelists on Post-Shelby World: Has Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Outlived its Purpose?, Seton Hall.

Feb 25 - Professor Thomas Healy, speaks about his book The Great Dissent at UC-Davis Law School’s faculty workshop.

Feb 25 - Professor Adam Steinman, blog post on Kryptonite for CAFA, 32 Rev. Litig. 649 (2013).

Feb 24 - Professor Thomas Healy, speaks about his book, The Great Dissent at the University of San Francisco.

Feb 24 - Professor David Opderbeck, presenting The NSA and/is the Anti-Christ, and So Are We moderating Law and Religion Around the World, 5th Annual Religious Legal Theory Conference, Emory University.

Feb 21 - Professor Rachel Godsil, presenting Rebuilding After Sandy: Theories of Compensation at the Fordham Environmental Law Review 2014 Symposium Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Sandy Response and Rebuilding Strategies through the Lens of Environmental Justice.

Feb 20 - Professor Marc Poirier, speaking about Contemplative Practice for Lawyers: Effectiveness, or Enlightenment, or Both, or Neither at the Contemplative Lawyers Group of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

Feb 20 - Professor Lori Nessel quoted in NBC News article on potential medical repatriation of comatose student from Pakistan

Feb 19 - Matthew Feinstein ’09 and Kama Jones-El, a graduate of the New Jersey Law & Education Empowerment Project in the Huffington Post

Feb 19 - Professor Denis McLaughlin, presented his 2013 Annual Review of New Jersey Civil Case Law CLE lecture in Edison.

Feb 17 - Professor Michael Risinger, presents, How to Undermine Proffered Expert Opinion Infected with the Precursors of Bias” at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Meeting, Seattle.

Feb 14 - Professor Margaret Lewis, guest blogging at Concurring Opinions this month.

Feb 11 - Professor Thomas Healy, speaks about his book, THE GREAT DISSENT, at the Georgetown Center for the Constitution.

Feb 11 - New York Times announces the nomination of Paulette Brown ’76 as the next President of the American Bar Association

Feb 12 - Professor Marc Poirier, speaker on Why the Boy Scouts Can’t Jump:  Trademark, Identity, Localism, and the Governance of an Anti-Gay Brand, at the Marquette IP Colloquium.