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Sep 23 - Professor Carl Coleman, rapporteur at WHO expert consultation on clinical criteria for the determination of death, Geneva.

Sep 22 - Professor Jessica Miles on Proposed State Legislation Designed to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

Sep 22 - Professor Jessica Miles in USA Today, CNN, Time and NJTV on Domestic Violence Case Against NFL Player Ray Rice

Sep 20 - Professor Marc Poirier, speaker, Solidifying LGBT Identity: Things, Places, and Neighborhoods at [Re]Integrating Spaces, Savannah Law School.

Sep 20 - Professor Alice Ristroph, panelist, Sovereignty and (or) Subversion at Jurisprudence and History Symposium, University of Virginia School of Law.

Sep 20 - Professor John Jacobi, will be a reviewer and participant in the Health Law Scholars Workshop, Saint Louis University Law School.

Sep 19 - Professor Michael Risinger, speaking, At What Cost?—What Can and Cannot Be Counted as a Cost of Adopting Blind Administration of Eyewitness Identification Procedures, at The Taz Galaxy—a Gathering of Scholars to Honor the Memory of Andrew Taslitz, Howard

Sep 19 - Professor Tara Ragone, panelist, Economics of Choice: A Health Insurance Rate Review Forum, hosted by the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy.

Sep 19 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, panelist, The Japanese Internment during WW II and the Treatment of Muslim Americans in the War on Terror, Policy Forum: Civil Liberties in Time of War, Panel Moderator, Princeton University.

Sep 18 - Professor Stephen Lubben, speaker, Corporate Bankruptcy Tourists, at 31st Annual Conference of the European Association of Law and Economics, Aix-Marseille Université, Aix-en-Provence.

Sep 13 -

Sep 13 - Professor Lori Borgen, speaker, Your Building Budget, Challenging Rent Increases, and Habitability Issues, at Tenants Rights Conference, organized by the HUD Tenants Coalition, Rutgers School of Law-Newark.

Sep 11 - Professor Mark Alexander, Panel Moderator, Fulbright for Food Security, University of Arkansas.

Sep 11 - Professor Margaret Lewis, speaking at NYU School of Law US-Asia Law Institute’s weekly lunch series.

Sep 6 - Professor David Opderbeck, appeared on Melissa Harris-Perry show, MSNBC, on Privacy in the Digital Age with an introduction and segments on how corporations use your data , and who’s more trustworthy – Apple or the NSA?

Aug 15 - Professor John Wefing, has written a blog, Franklin Roosevelt and Frank Hague - the President and the Boss for the Historical Society's commemoration of New Jersey's 350th anniversary. 

Aug 15 - Incoming student Orientation scheduled for August 18-19, 2014. Information now available.>>

Aug 9 - Professor Michael Simkovic, presents, Financing a Legal Education, ABA Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education, Boston.

Aug 8 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, presents, The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation and Attorney Fee Shifting, Intellectual Property Scholars Conference (IPSC), UC Berkeley.

Aug 8 - Professor Stephen Lubben, published, Nationalize Clearinghouses! on the Cadwalader Cabinet.

Aug 8 - Professor Stephen Lubben, presents, Nationalizing the Clearinghouses, reprinted in the Harvard Law School Forum on and Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.

Aug 7 - Professor Charles Sullivan, published, The Involuntary Chauffeur on the Times’ Workologist.

Aug 7 - Professor David Opderbeck, presenting Cybersecurity: The New Frontier at NJ Attorney General Division of Law In-Service, Monmouth College.

Aug 6 - Professor Rachel Godsil, workshop on Making Sure We All Have a Place to Call Home – Closing the Racial Equity Gaps in Housing at the Local and Regional Government Alliance on Race and Equity, Minneapolis.

Aug 5 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist on Effective Anti-Harassment Models: Pro-Active Prevention and Innovative Responses, EEOC Training Institute in NYC.

Aug 4 - Professor Carl Coleman, will lead a workshop on Developing REC Indicators at the African Vaccine Regulatory Forum in Entebbe, Uganda.

Aug 7 - Professor Farrin Anello in the Star-Ledger regarding the influx of children over the U.S. border

Jul 29 - Professor Stephen Lubben, Speaking, The Costs of Bankruptcy: How Little We Know, Harvard Law School Bankruptcy Roundtable.

Jul 22 - Professor Tracy Kaye, nominated to Chair the Taxation and Development session of the XIXth International Congress of Comparative Law of the International Academy of Comparative Law in Vienna. She will also present U.S. National Report.

Jul 18 -

Jul 16 - Professor Jordan Paradise, Keynote Address: Five Challenges for Pharmacovigilance, PV Legal, Sidley Austin LLP & Bayer, Whippany, NJ.

Jul 15 - Professor Stephen Lubben, speaker at Proposed Chapter 14 and the Future of Large Financial Institution Resolution, AbiLIVE Webinar.

Jul 15 - Professor Stephen Lubben, testified on the Financial Institution Bankruptcy Act of 2014 before the House Judiciary Committee.

Jul 14 - Professor Carl Coleman, published Improving the Quality of Host Country Ethical Oversight of International Research: The Use of a Collaborative ‘Pre-Review’ Mechanism for a Study of Fexinidazole for Human African Trypanosomiasis in Developing World Bioeth

Jul 10 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, panelist, Challenges Raised by the Use of Evidence Collected by the Military in Terrorism-Related Cases Prosecuted before Civilian Jurisdictions, Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingendael), The Hague.

Jul 2 - Professor John Jacobi, panelist on The Mental Health Conundrum Revisited, American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, NYC.

Jun 30 - New Jersey Legal Education Empowerment Project (NJ LEEP) Summer Law Institute begins for 8th grade students.

Jun 28 - Professor Kristin Johnson, Panelist, Understanding Transactional Lawyers Ethical Obligations In Complex Financial Markets, Lutie Lytle Faculty Writing Workshop, Madison.

Jun 26 - David Opderbeck appears on Thestreet.com and CNBC as Supreme Court rules streaming service Aereo violates copyright law

Jun 24 - Professor Paula Franzese, Panelist, Experiential Teaching, Experiential Learning, What the Best Law Teachers Do, Conference on Legal Pedagogy, Northeastern Law School.

Jun 22 - Professor Alice Ristroph, Speaker, Beyond Policing: Investigative Criminal Procedure and State Coercion, CrimFest 2014, Rutgers Newark.

Jun 21 - Professor Margaret Lewis, Speaker, When Foreign is Criminal, CrimFest 2014, Rutgers Newark.

Jun 21 - Professor Solangel Maldonado, Panelist, AALS Workshop for Pretenured People of Color Law School Teachers, Washington, DC.

Jun 19 - Professor Kristin Johnson, Speaker, Understanding Transactional Lawyers Ethical Obligations In Complex Financial Markets at National Business Law Scholars Conference, Loyal Law School, Los Angeles.

Jun 19 - Professor Michael Simkovic, Speaker, The Economic Value of a Law Degree at the North American Association of Pre-Law Advisors Conference, Baltimore.

Jun 19 - Professor Kate Greenwood, Panelist, RICO in Health Care Industries: Understanding the Emerging Civil and Criminal Trends, Association of Corporate Counsel Webinar.

Jun 18 - Professor John Wefing, Speaker, Hague, Hughes and Judicial Independence at the Attorney General Advocacy Institute.

Jun 17 - Professor Stephen Lubben, Panelist, Resolution Regimes for Clearinghouses, at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s Workshop on Legal Arrangements of Cross-border Resolution and Liquidity in OTC Derivative Markets: Theoretical Insights from “A Legal Theory o

Jun 16 - Professor Paula Franzese, Panelist, The Ethical Imperative and the Public Trust, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York.

Jun 13 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, guest blogging on IPWatchdog.