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May 25 - Professor Carl Coleman, rapporteur, WHO guidelines development group on ethical issues in epidemic outbreaks, Dublin.

May 20 - Professor Lori Nessel, panelist on Juvenile Relief from Removal at the 34th Annual Hon. William H. Strasser Immigration Conference, New Jersey Chapter Of The Federal Bar Association, Newark.

May 15 - Professor Paula Franzese, speaker, The Magna Carta: Living Document, NJSBA Annual Convention, Plenary Session.

May 15 - Professor Kristen Boon, speaker, The UN as Good Samaritan: Immunity or Responsibility" at International Law Workshop, William & Mary.

May 15 - Professor John Wefing, panelist on The Magna Carta, NJSBA Annual Convention.

May 14 - Professor Mark Denbeaux, speaker, How Long Oh Lord? Not Long!, A Retrospective on the Last 50 Years of Law and Civil Rights, NJSBA Annual Convention.

May 13 - Professor Paula Franzese, speaker, Finding Meaning in the Practice, NJSBA Annual Convention.

May 11 - Professor John Jacobi, panelist, Network Adequacy, in New York and New Jersey Health Access Summit, US Dept. of Health and Human Services, NYC.

May 8 - Professor Michael Risinger, has been appointed to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Expert Working Group on Human Factors in Handwriting Examination.

May 8 - Professor Tracy Kaye, moderator and organizer of panel on Dynamic Scoring: Changing the Conversation about Tax Reform, ABA Tax Section Meeting, DC.

May 7 - Professor Jordan Paradise, panelist, FDA Hot Topics at the Sidley Austin Life Sciences College, New York.

May 6 - Professor Rachel Godsil,  concurrent session panelist, Mind Sciences and Racial Equity – The Nexus,  W.K. Kellogg Foundation, America Healing Conference, Asheville, NC.

May 6 - Professor Rachel Godsil, plenary panelist, Resilience: Changing Narratives and Reality, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, America Healing Conference, Asheville, NC.

May 6 - Professor Rachel Godsil,  plenary panelist, Healing Relationships Between Law Enforcement and Communities of Color, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, American Healing Conference, Asheville, NC.

May 6 - Professor Thomas Healy, speaking on The Great Dissent, The New Jersey State Library.

May 4 - Seton Hall Law #8 in the Northeast for Employment Rates for Class of 2014 According to Bostinno.com

May 4 - Professor Lori Nessel, panelist, Immigration Working Group at the AALS Clinical Conference, Rancho Mirage, CA.

May 3 - Professor Denis McLaughlin, co-authored the Rule 702 Expert Witness Report of the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on the Rules of Evidence.

May 3 - Professor Thomas Healy, discussant at the Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference, Yale.

May 2 - Professor Marc Poirier, speaker, Things, Places, Neighborhoods: Placing the Official Memory of LGBTQ Identity at the Association for Law, Property, and Society Annual Meeting at the University of Georgia.

May 2 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaker, Meshal v. Higgenbotham, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Washington, DC, May 1st (presenting oral argument on behalf of U.S. citizen in suit against U.S. officials for constitutional violations based on unlaw

May 1 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, Commentator, Baby Markets, Harvard Law School, May 1-2.

May 1 - Professor Linda Fisher, poster presentation, Meaningful Mortgage Modifications at Ending Institutional Corruption Conference, Harvard Law School.

Apr 30 -

Apr 30 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist, Race, Threat, and Justice, Cities United Conference, Philadelphia.

Apr 27 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, panelist, A Problem of Standards?: Another Perspective on Secret Law, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

Apr 23 -

Apr 23 -

Apr 23 - Seton Hall Law's 2015 Commencement. Learn more about our 61st Annual Commencement celebration. >>

Apr 22 -

Apr 22 -

Apr 21 - Professor David Opderbeck, speaker, Legal Risks in Cloud Computing, Delaware Valley Corporate Counsel Association, Philadelphia.

Apr 21 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, Moderator, A President at War: The Executive's War Powers and Congress's Role in Authorizing Military Operations, New York City Bar Association, New York, NY.

Apr 20 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist, Storytelling and Stereotypes, Lunchtime Lecture, CNN Diversity Summit, Atlanta.

Apr 20 - Professor Denis McLaughlin, presented his Annual Review of New Jersey Civil Case Law CLE lecture to the Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute.

Apr 20 - Professor Tracy Kaye, panelist, American College of Tax Counsel representative to the planning committee of the National Taxpayer Advocate's International Conference on Taxpayer Rights, National Archives in November. 

Apr 18 - Professor Stephen Lubben, panelist, Reconsidering Safe Harbors For Repurchase Agreements, at 33rd Annual Spring Meeting, American Bankruptcy Institute, Washington D.C.

Apr 18 - Professor Rachel Godsil, panelist on Tackling Economic Inequality - Home and Community, New York Law School.

Apr 16 -

Apr 16 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaking, Prosecuting Torture? Moving Forward after the Senate Intelligence Committee Report, Moderator, New York City Bar Association, New York, NY.

Apr 15 -

Apr 14 - Professor Charles Sullivan, elected as a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

Apr 12 - Professor Gaia Bernstein, speaker, The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation and Attorney Fee Shifting, 3(2) 2 NTUT J. of Intellec. Prop. L. & Mgmt. (2014) [published in Taiwan].

Apr 10 -

Apr 10 - Professor Farrin Anello, panelist on Mandatory Detention and Other Custody Issues at the Federal Bar Association Immigration Law Section’s Symposium on the Intersection of Criminal Law, Immigration and Detention, American University Washington College of

Apr 10 - Professor Kristen Boon, panelist on Economic Sanctions – Hot Topics in 2015, American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Washington DC.

Apr 9 - Professor Jonathan Hafetz, speaker, Terrorism as an International Crime: Mediating Between Justice and Legality, at the annual conference of the American Society of Int'l Law, Washington, DC.

Apr 8 -

Apr 6 - Professor David Opderbeck, speaker, Legal Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones), Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.

Apr 6 - Professor David Opderbeck, speaker, Current Developments in Data Breach Litigation, Policy, and Insurance, Gibbons Academy, Newark, NJ.