Critical Tax Conference

March 29-31, 2012 at Seton Hall Law School

Critical Tax Conference 2012


The Critical Tax Conference originated in 1995. The principal organizer of the first conference was Professor Nancy Staudt, then on the faculty at The State University of New York at Buffalo. Most of the papers presented there focused on tax law as it relates to gender, race, and sexual orientation. One of Professor Staudt’s colleagues coined the term “critical tax theory” to describe their approach. The name was particularly apt because Buffalo was well known as one of the original schools to advance critical legal studies. Professor Staudt organized another conference in 1997, inviting many of the same people, and called it “Democracy and Taxation.” That conference focused on political science and taxation.

In 2000, Professor Beverly Moran approached Professor Staudt about her willingness to work together to organize a third conference and make the conference an annual event. The 2000 conference was held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where Professor Moran was teaching at the time. They named the annual event the “Critical Tax Theory Conference,” harkening back to the original conference in 1995. However, they did not intend the name to restrict the content of the conference. In fact, Professor Staudt hoped the conference would develop beyond any narrow focus.

Since 2001, the Conference has been held at:

Washington University in St. Louis (2001)
Tulane University (2002)
University of Michigan (2003
Rutgers University, Newark (2004)
Seattle University (2005)
Mercer University (2006)
University of California, Los Angeles (2007)
Florida State University (2008)
Indiana University (2009)
St. Louis University (2010)
Santa Clara Law (2011)

Contact Information: Professor Tracy Kaye, Seton Hall Law or 973-642-8455.