Public Interest & Government Service


At Seton Hall Law, students find opportunities to gain practical legal experience, advance social justice and make a difference in the lives of others. They can explore issues spanning public policy, criminal justice and international human rights, as well as civil rights, in a range of clinics and programs.


Seton Hall Law graduates often remember their service in the Center for Social Justice (CSJ) clinics as one of the most fulfilling experiences of their law school careers. Under the supervision of seasoned faculty, CSJ students take the lead on real cases. Students have advocated on behalf of victims of predatory lending; they have obtained asylum for victims of religious persecution, defended free speech rights, brought class action suits on behalf of individuals mistreated by the Department of Homeland Security, reported on immigrant-worker wage theft, and protected vulnerable families against domestic violence. Read More

Center for Social Justice Clinics:

75students appeared before judges
in county, state and federal courts
in 2012-13



The Center for Policy and Research provides students with an uncommon opportunity to gain experience in forensic analysis and investigation through research into national policies and practices. Students expand their knowledge beyond legal doctrine by serving as Fellows in the Center. Through their participation, they become proficient in identifying patterns and inconsistencies and uncover facts that can help shape law and public policy. The Center's renowned series of reports on the detainee camp in Guantánamo Bay have been quoted in the media worldwide, and are frequently cited in the media and Congressional testimony. Students have also represented Seton Hall Law at the hearings at Camp Justice at Guantánamo, taking advantage of Seton Hall Law’s official non-government observer status.Read More


30 students received $4,000 each in Public Interest Legal Fellowship summer stipends and served in 22 nonprofit organizations and government agencies in 2013.