LL.M. in Health Law

LL.M. - Master of Laws Degree

Seton Hall Law School offers a Masters of Laws (LLM) degree in Health Law. The LLM program provides attorneys with the opportunity to explore health law and policy or to focus more narrowly on courses designed for the lawyer planning to represent the health provider, payor, regulator, patient, and pharmaceutical companies. The LLM program enhances the knowledge and skills possessed by practicing health care attorneys, as well as those seeking to expand their practice to health care clients.


A candidate seeking admission to the LLM program must have a J.D. degree or the equivalent from a school of law.  As Seton Hall Law School admits highly qualified candidates, the program is very competitive. The Admissions Committee considers practice experience, graduate degrees in the health field, quality of law school academic record, demonstrated interest in health, drug or biotechnology law, and evidenced ability to excel in academic pursuits.  LLM applicants may apply for admission for the Fall or Spring semesters.  The application process is a rolling application process and applications for admission are accepted at any time.  


LLM applicants must submit the following:

  1. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  2. Current resume
  3. Bar Admissions
  4. No entrance exam is required for admission. However, international applicants must submit a TOEFL score.

If you have any questions, please contact Enrollment Services at lawgrad@shu.edu or 973-642-8850.


LLM candidates must complete 24 credit hours of course work at the Law School.  LLM students are expected to complete all course work within six years.  The LLM candidate may pursue one of two sub-specialties: traditional health law or drug/biotechnology law. Some students also integrate intellectual property courses as part of their health law studies. The health faculty and administration work closely with each student in selecting electives appropriate to the student’s sub-specialty.


  1. Health Law (4 credits)
  2. Any two of the following:
    1. - Accountable Care Organizations (2 credits)
    2. - Food and Drug Law (3 credits)
    3. - Health Care Fraud & Corruption (2 or 3 credits)
  1. Completion of an Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR) (3 credits)
  2. Electives (12-13 Credits)

Full-time students can complete the program in one year, while part-time students normally complete the degree in five to six semesters (including summers).


The LLM student shall write his or her advanced writing requirement in an AWR seminar, which seminars are taught by full-time faculty members.  The full-time faculty member teaching the AWR seminar shall serve as the LLM student's supervisor. AWR seminars are three credit seminars.  The final paper should be of Law Review publishable quality, and at least 25 pages in length.


In order to graduate, LLM students must achieve an overall GPA of 3.0. Students will be dismissed if their grades render it impossible to attain this GPA at the completion of the required program of study.

LLM students must remain in good academic standing throughout the program. If a student's GPA falls below 2.50 at any time, the student must meet with and receive permission in order to continue the program. The Law School has complete discretion as to whether such a student may continue and may impose conditions, restrictions, or limitations.


Students should indicate on their exams that they are LLM candidates. This will allow professors to exclude graduate students from the mandatory grading curve. No other reference to identity should be indicated on the exam. Every effort to maintain a student's anonymity will be made; however, anonymity may sometimes be compromised due to the small number of graduate students enrolled in a given class.

How to Apply or Request Additional Information About the Seton Hall Law LLM Program

LLM Application

For additional information, please contact Enrollment Services at lawgrad@shu.edu or request information online.

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