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Health, Technology and Intellectual Property

The Intersection of Law, Medicine, Technology and Society

Seton Hall Law School's specialized programs in health law & policy, pharmaceutical law, and intellectual property law address the challenges arising from the increasing intersection of law, medicine, technology, and society. Our programs recognize that medical and technological breakthroughs raise complex legal and ethical questions for healthcare providers, businesses, patients, scientists, judges, and regulators alike on national and global scales. We provide students, professionals, private businesses, and public institutions with the resources and tools necessary to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

Our school is located near the headquarters of many world-leading pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies as well as America's most significant transportation hubs. This unique positioning enables our health law students to explore first-hand the laws, regulations, and ethical issues that shape the development and marketing of drugs and medical devices. Our intellectual property law students draw upon a variety of industries, consumer products, and leading intellectual property practitioners whose experiences complement the scholarly expertise of our faculty.

Internationally-recognized scholars participate in our special programs on hot topics in health law and intellectual property law. These programs are free to our JD, MSJ, and LLM students, and offer unique perspectives or updates to supplement their curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to meet alumni and members of the tri-state legal community who have also chosen to continue their education at Seton Hall Law School.