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Center for Policy and Research

Center for Policy & Research

GuantanamoThe Center for Policy and Research provides law students with an uncommon opportunity to gain experience in forensic analysis and investigation through research into national policies and practices. Expanding their knowledge beyond legal doctrine, students participating in the Center as Fellows gain proficiency in identifying patterns and inconsistencies, and uncovering the truth that can help shape the law and public policy.

The mission of the Center for Policy and Research is rooted in a dedication to scholarly learning, practical training, and impact. Pattern recognition, factual evaluation and careful use of data are essential for both the practice of law and for the application of legal doctrine to real world problems. Seton Hall offers students a unique opportunity to work with facts and data, to find and develop patterns from large quantities of information, and to evaluate the significance of what they discover.

Under the direction of Professor Mark Denbeaux, the Center’s work focuses on three key areas: Interrogations & Intelligence, National Security, and Forensics. Among the Center’s high-profile projects are the world renowned Guantánamo Reports, which were originally spurred from Professor Denbeaux’s representation of two Guantánamo detainees. The Reports were developed by analyzing the government’s own data through the systematic review of literally over 100,000 pages of government documents procured through the Freedom of Information Act. The Guantánamo Reports have been widely cited, published and reported throughout the world.