Current Students

Financial Assistance   

The primary responsibility of paying for a student's education rests with him/herself and the individual's spouse; however, scholarship and loan awards are available on both merit and need bases.

In determining an applicant's eligibility, Seton Hall employs a federally-approved method that takes into consideration the student's (and spouse's) income and assets.

The deadline to apply for financial assistance is April 1st. New applicants are encouraged to submit their applications to the Law School Financial Aid Office as early as possible because scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis and funds are exhausted quickly.

NOTE: The law school's definition of enrollment status for financial assistance purposes is as follows:

Full-time 9 credits
Half-time 5-8 credits
Less than half-time
below 5 credits (not eligible for aid)

Students must be registered for at least five credits each semester and four credits during the summer to be eligible for financial aid. Full-time or part-time eligibility for financial assistance is not the same as full-time or part-time status for purposes of ABA residence requirements. 

In-School Deferments

Student loan deferral forms should be submitted to the Enrollment Services Office on the third floor for proper student status verification and processing.