Current Students

Refund of Tuition for JD Students   

No refund of tuition is available for withdrawal from individual courses after the completion of the drop/add period.  The following refund schedule is applicable only to total withdrawal from the law school and is being strictly enforced by Seton Hall University:

Second Week of Classes
Third Week
Fourth Week
Fifth Week
After Fifth Week
No Refund *

This refund schedule applies only to total withdrawal from the school of law by continuing students. First year students withdrawing after classes begin will forfeit their $1,500 tuition deposit according to the schedule provided to them from Admissions. The remaining tuition balance will be refunded according to the above chart.

The date on which written notice of withdrawal is received by the Registrar governs academic and financial consequences. Students who must withdraw, but who wish to return to the law school at a later date, should send a written request to the Dean of Students seeking a leave of absence at the time of withdrawal. Students who do not formally withdraw and do not sit for examinations will receive a grade of "F" in each course.

PLEASE NOTE: Any refund of tuition for students withdrawing from the law school who have loans under Title IV must be returned to the federal government directly by the law school up to the amount of the loan.

*Summer refund schedule will differ.