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Moot Court Programs

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Interscholastic Moot Court Competitions (MTCT)

1 credits.

Under the guidance of the Director, students participate in various interschool moot court competitions, including the National Moot Court Competition as well as such competitions in corporate, constitutional, family, intellectual property, environmental, evidence, health, and criminal law. Students must receive an invitation onto the Board from the Director through their participation in either the Ronald J. Riccio First-Year Moot Court Competition or the Eugene Gressman Intrascholastic Competition. Students must be a member of the Board in order to compete in an interscholastic moot court competition on behalf of Seton Hall School of Law. Students who are selected to represent Seton Hall must research the problem, draft a competition brief, participate in numerous practice oral arguments, and represent Seton Hall at the competition. Course is graded Pass/D or Fail.

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Appellate Advocacy Moot Court Board (MTCT8150, 8152, 8153)

1 credit per semester for member, 2 credits per semester for director.

The Appellate Moot Court Board is comprised of third-year day students and fourth-year evening students who create problems to be used in the Appellate Advocacy course, supervise the work of Appellate Advocacy students under the direction of the faculty advisors, and assist in the administration of the required Appellate Advocacy course and optional Appellate Moot Court Competition. Two student directors, one in the Fall and one in the Spring, direct the board members in the completion of their administrative duties. The board members receive two credits after completion of the spring semester. Course is graded Pass/D or Fail basis.

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Eugene Gressman Moot Court Competition (MTCT7152)

1 credit. Spring semester.

Prerequisite: Appellate Advocacy.

Students compete in brief writing and oral argument for the opportunity to represent the law school in the National Appellate Moot Court Competition. Course is graded on a Pass/D or Fail basis.

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Appellate Advocacy (MTC7151)

2 credits. Lecture.

This course functions as an advanced legal writing course focusing on the development of legal research, persuasive writing and oral advocacy skills in a simulated appellate process. Each student will prepare a draft and final brief on a current issue in the law. Students then participate in two rounds of oral argument, first arguing before a panel of student judges and later arguing before a panel of attorneys.

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