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Independent Research (WRTG9142)

2 credits.

 Prerequisites: Minimum Cumulative 3.00 GPA and good academic standing.


This offering consists of faculty-directed research for one semester on a topic approved by a faculty member supervising the research and by a committee of the faculty. The resulting paper must be a minimum of 40 pages and is required to meet law review student publication standards. It must be defended before the Independent Research Committee. A student seeking to enroll in Independent Research must receive the consent of a full-time faculty sponsor and the Independent Research Committee prior to enrollment. Those students interested in registering for Independent Research must obtain the appropriate form from the Registrar's Office and return it with the required signatures before being permitted to register for the course. Registration must be completed no later than the Drop/Add period of the semester in which the course is taken.

NOTE: This course can only be taken once and is not open to first year and second year evening students.

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Drafting Litigation Documents (WRTG9144)

2 credits. Seminar.

Exercises in the creation of litigation documents consistent with sound litigation strategies, from the complaint through the settlement agreement, including answers, third-party pleadings, counterclaims, cross-claims, motions, and discovery documents. The class stresses the value of writing in "plain English" and time in each class session will be spent analyzing how to write clearly and persuasively. Students are required to write four short "brief points" and create three litigation documents.

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