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This Statement of Consent, Release and Risk Allocation is designed to protect all participants in the Seton Hall Law School Study Abroad Program: the students, faculty members, other participants, Seton Hall Law School and Seton Hall University, and the organizations acting in cooperation with the Law School. Please indicate your agreement with the following conditions by affixing your signature below.

I have been advised and am aware of the inherent and/or latent danger (including but not limited to: risk of serious injury, the hazards of travel, accident or illness, or acts of God) of participating in the Program. I have made an assessment of my academic preparedness and personal suitability for travel and for participation in the Program. I am aware of the sources of information at my disposal concerning risks associated with foreign travel, and those sources include internet searches, State Department public information and other sources of information about study/travel abroad. I am aware that I am required to have a medical examination prior to participating in this activity to ensure that I am in sufficiently good health to participate in the Program. I am required to notify those responsible for planning this Program of any special accommodations that I may require. Further, I am aware, and have been advised, that I must be covered by adequate medical insurance, and I have sufficient coverage. In the event of an injury, I give permission for medical care deemed necessary to be provided for me. I do hereby note, understand, and assume responsibility for any and all risks associated with my participation in the Program. I release and discharge forever Seton Hall University and Seton Hall Law School, its regents, officers, employees, agents, and representatives from any responsibility for any claims, demands, lawsuits, damages, expenses, liabilities, or injuries that may occur or be given rise to during my participation in the Program.

I understand that this is a group program, and that group standards as well as the Law School Code of Student Conduct must be observed. I agree that the Law School and/or Program Director shall have the right to terminate my enrollment for failure to maintain these standards, or for actions or conduct which the Law School and/or Program Director consider to be detrimental to, or incompatible with, the interest, harmony, comfort or welfare of the group as a whole, including but not limited to disruptive behavior, excessive class absences, or failure to abide by Program policies. I acknowledge that I will be personally responsible for expenses associated with return travel if that is occasioned by conduct problems on my part or other disruptive behavior that results in a determination by the Law School or its representatives that my participation in the Program cannot continue. I understand that the Law School and/or Program Director reserves the right to make alterations in assignments and itineraries at any time if deemed necessary.

I understand that any transportation that I arrange for myself while abroad is at my own risk and expense. I agree that the use of rental cars and/or equipment is at my own risk. If I plan to operate a motor vehicle or other equipment, I must obtain liability and collision insurance that will cover me in the applicable foreign country. I acknowledge and agree that neither the Law School nor the University shall be liable for any injury, death, or loss to person or property I sustain while participating in or arising out of such activity.

I understand that, while traveling or residing in any foreign country, I will be subject to the laws, rules and law enforcement procedures of that country. Any violation of such laws is beyond the control of the Law School or University.

I acknowledge that all organizations involved in this Program have forbidden the use of drugs by participants, except for those prescribed by an examining physician and noted in the Emergency Contact, Treatment Permission, and Permission to Share Information Form.

I understand that if I leave the Program once the Program has begun or tuition has been paid, there will be no refund (unless there is a proven medical condition that warrants withdrawal). If I am receiving financial aid, it is understood that full payment for tuition and Program fees have been committed to me.

I acknowledge that I am not an agent of Seton Hall Law School or Seton Hall University; that I am wholly and solely responsible for my statements, actions, errors and omissions; that I – not Seton Hall Law School or Seton Hall University - am solely responsible for my conduct throughout the course of this Program. I further acknowledge that I, as a Program participant, never speak on behalf of the study abroad program, Seton Hall Law School, or Seton Hall University.

I understand that by submitting this online form   to adhere to the policies developed prior to and during the course of this Program.