Current Students

Table of Academic Standards   

Effective Fall 2015

In applying our Academic Standards, the calculation of “total credits completed” excludes credits earned in summer and/or winter session classes.


Credits Completed Dismissal
0-15 credits completed 3 grades of D, D+ or F, or cumulative GPA  below 1.00
16-37 credits (including Lawyering but excluding winter/summer credits) Cumulative GPA below 2.00 in substantive law classes, excluding Introduction to Lawyering I and II.
At any time (A) 8 credits or more of D+, D or F among the following courses, provided that the credits be earned in at least three of these classes:

  1. Civil Procedure
  2. Civil Procedure I;
  3. Civil Procedure II;
  4. Contracts;
  5. Contracts I;
  6. Contacts II;
  7. **Constitutional Law;
  8. **Constitutional Law I;
  9. **Constitutional Law II;
  10. Criminal Law;
  11. Property;
  12. Property I;
  13. Property II;
  14. Torts;
  15. Professional Responsibility;
  16. Introduction to Lawyering I; and
  17. Introduction to Lawyering II


(B) Impossibility of meeting graduation standard of obtaining a 2.00 GPA within the maximum number of credits attempted.

**A D+, D, or F in Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law I or Constitutional Law II will only serve to dismiss a student if (a) the Constitutional Law class encompasses the student’s  8th D+, D or F  credit from among the above-listed classes; (b) the prior D+, D, or F credits were earned in at least two classes;  AND (c)  the student had a GPA below 2.33 at the end of the student’s first year (excluding the Introduction to Lawyering I and II GPA).

Credits Completed PROBATION
0-15 credits completed 4 or more credits of D, D+ and F, or cumulative GPA below 2.33
More than 15 credits Cumulative GPA below 2.33 or GPA below 2.00 in most recent semester