Current Students

Curriculum Planning

Equivalency Courses   

Only one course of each set of courses listed below may be used towards graduation requirements.
Set 1
Advanced Civil Practice (PRMD9218)
or Advanced Criminal practice (PRMD9219)
Set 2
Advanced Civil Practice: The Simulated Law Firm (PRMD9220)
or Advanced Civil Practice (PRMD9218)
or Advanced Criminal Practice (PRMD9219)
Set 3
Constitutional and Political Issues in Education Reform (HIPH9525)
or Race, Law and Education (HIPH9525)
Set 4
Consumer Arbitration Practicum (PRMD9232)
or Advanced Arbitration Skills (PRMD9224)
Set 5
Entertainment Law (INDL7305)
or Entertainment Law (Summer 2011) (INDL7314)
Set 6
Evidence (PRMD7201)
or Evidence - Theory & Practice (PRMD7205)
Set 7
Family Mediation (PRMD9216)
or Advanced Mediation Skills (PRMD9228)
or SDNY Representative in Mediation Practicum (PRMD9235)
Set 8
Federal Criminal Law (CRJU7404)
or White Collar Defense (CRJU7405)
or White Collar Prosecutions (CRJU9421)
Set 9
Information Privacy Law (INDL7304)
Information Privacy Law Seminar (INDL9324)
Set 10
Issues in Corporate Governance and Securities Regulation (CORP9130)
or Securities Regulation (CORP8131)
Set 11
Law & Genetics (INDL7312)
or Law & Genetics Seminar (INDL9318)
Set 12
Law & Sexuality Seminar (PUBR9186)
or Law & Sexuality (PUBR7915)
Set 13
Negotiation Skills: Civil Litigation (PRMD9234)
or Advanced Negotiation Skills (PRMD9226)
or Negotiation Skills in Transactional Lawyering (PRMD9233)
or Advanced Negotiation Skills (PRMD9226)
Set 14
NJ Constitutional Law (PUBR9170)
or State Constitutional Law Seminar (PUBR9175)
or State Constitutional Law (PUBR7925)
or Chief Justice Hughes' Influence on Develop of NJ Law (HIPH9520)
Set 15
Postconviction Remedies (CRJU7416)
or Postconviction Remedies Seminar (CRJU9404
Set 16
SDNY Representative in Mediation Practicum (PRMD9235)

Set 17
The Trial of a Civil Matter (PRMD9250)
or The Trial of a Criminal Case (PRMD9255)