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Examination Schedule   

  In-class Exams

Date Time Course ID/SEC
Course Professor
12/08/201512:00pmLAW 6005AA
ContractsCaraballo, W.
12/08/201512:00pmLAW 6005BBContractsBoon, K.
12/08/201512:00pmLAW 6015AA
Constitutional Law
Riccio, R.
12/08/201512:00pmLAW 6015BB
Constitutional Law
Healy, T.

12/08/20156:15pmLAW 6010MM
Property I
Bernstein, G.
12/08/20156:15pmLAW 6012MM
Constitutional Law I
Ristroph, A.
12/08/20156:15pmPRMD8250MMApplied Analytical Skills
McElroy, L.

12/11/201512:00pmTAXN7112AAFederal Income Taxation
Coverdale, J.

12/11/20156:15pmHIPH7504MMProfessional Responsibility
Freamon, B

12/12/201510:00amLAW 6001AA
Civil Procedure I
McLaughlin, D.
12/12/201510:00AMLAW 6001BB
Civil Procedure I
Glynn, T.
12/12/201510:00amLAW 6006MM
Contracts I
Romberg, J.

12/14/201512:00pmPRMD7201AEvidenceDenbeaux, M.
12/14/201512:00pmPROP7701EMEstates and Trusts
McDowell, A.

12/14/20156:15pmPRMD7201MMEvidenceCaraballo, W.

12/16/20156:15pmCRJU7401AACrim Pro: Inv., Arr. and Counsel
Cornwell, J.

12/17/201512:00pmCORP7131AABusiness Associations
Lubben, S.

12/17/20156:15pmLAW 6001MM
Civil Procedure I
Hartnett, E.
12/17/20156:15pmLAW 6008AATorts I
Jacobi, J.
12/17/2015 6:15pm LAW 6008BB
Torts I
Sheppard, B.
12/17/20156:15pmLAW 6008MM
Torts I
Sheppard, B.

  Self-Scheduled Exams 

Course id/sec
HLTH7509EMAccountable Care Organizations
Jacobi, J.
PUBG7801EMAdministrative Law
Paradise, J.
COML8130EMBankruptcy and Creditors' Rights
Simkovic, M.
CRJU7401MMCriminal Procedure: Inv., Arrest and Counsel
Wefing, J.
COML7121MM Commercial Law Survey
Franzese, P.
PRFM7009EMDomestic Violence Law
Miles, J.
HLTH8500MMFood and Drug Law
Paradise, J.
HLTH7503MMHealth Law
Coleman, C./Boozang, K./Jacobi, J.
HLTH9530ENHealth Privacy
Bernstein, G.
COML7123MM Insurance Hanson, G.
INDL8317MMIntellectual Property Licensing
Farber, M.
INTL7639EMInternational Dispute Resolution
Boon, K.
PROP7704EMLand Finance
Fisher, L.
HIPH8501EMLegal Malpractice
Ambrosio, M.
ENVR8603MMNJ Environmental Law
McKinney, J.
PRMD8202MMNew Jersey Practice
Pinilis, W.
INDL8303MMPatent Law
Dworetsky, S.
TAXN7115MMTax Practice and Procedure
Magnone, M./Cannarozzi, J.

  Take-Home Exams

Course id/sec
PRFM7002EMChildren, Family and the State
Freamon, B.
INDL8340EMCybersecurity: Computer Crimes and Personal Security
Opderbeck, D.
CRJU7404EMFederal Criminal Law
Ristroph, A.
HLTH7405AAHealthCare Compliance Certificate Program
Glynn, T.
INDL7330EMInternet Law and Government Foundations
Opderbeck, D.
PUBG7802MMLaw and Education
Martin, R.
PUBG7805EMNational Security Law
Hafetz, J.
PROP7707EMZoning, Planning and Land Use Policy
Carmella, A.