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New Members Announced

Seton Hall Law Circuit Review has accepted 25 new students for membership.

Seton Hall Law Circuit Review has proudly accepted the following students as Associate Editors of the journal for the 2016-2017 year: 


Nicole Allocca            
Darcy Baboulis-Gyscek
Christina Checchio            
Jaclyn Comunale
Theresa Dill                
Amanda Frankel
Rachel Friedman
Alexander Gacos
Shivang Gandhi
Brandon Granda-Farias
Edward Hagan
Zachary Hansen
Scott Humphreys
Stephen Krachie
Mark Linscott
Nick McClelland
Kaitlyn Michko
Joseph Natale
Randy Pearce
John Petillo                
Evelyn Rodriguez
Emily Slaw
Lauren Sobotka
Preeya Varma
Hannah Weinberg


Congratulations to all new members and thank you to all current members for your diligent efforts in grading the write-on competition!

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