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Zanzibar Study Abroad

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We regret to inform that the Zanzibar Winter Intersession Program has been canceled for the 2014-2015 Winter Intersession due to medical and security concerns. We are hopeful that the medical and security situation in Zanzibar and the region will improve and will continue to monitor the situation. If medical and security conditions improve, we expect the Zanzibar Program to be operational and available to students during the 2015-2016 Winter Intersession. Program dates and additional information will be available in late Spring 2015.


The program offers an ABA-approved course focusing on the twin problems of modern day slavery and human trafficking, and an optional ABA-approved course on Maritime Crimes, both taught by distinguished international law faculty.

An estimated 27 million people toil under bondage-like conditions around the world, and six hundred thousand to two million people are trafficked across international borders annually, even though slavery is now declared to be illegal in every nation in the world. Human trafficking has become the second largest source of profits for organized crime, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. The United Nations, regional organizations of governments, national governments, municipalities, and many non-governmental organizations have joined together to create juridical, diplomatic, economic, military, and jurisprudential solutions designed to combat this world-wide problem. These efforts have given rise to new and exciting paradigm-shifting opportunities to put international and comparative law in service for the betterment of humanity.

Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of this important and rapidly developing area of international law and to gain that knowledge in one of the places where modern globalized attitudes toward the slave trade and trafficking began. The beautiful idyllic island of Zanzibar offers students a rich and exciting academic and cultural environment while also offering the opportunity to explore the island’s extraordinary history, sights and beaches. There is no other opportunity of this kind offered by any other American law school.