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The Chaplain's Office may not seem large within the constellation of a top-notch law school. Yet in unseen—but powerful—ways a healthy and vibrant spiritual environment supplies the sturdy framework within which students, faculty, administration, and staff can thrive in their faith and the study and teaching of the law. As a Catholic institution, Seton Hall seeks to provide a home for the mind, heart, and spirit. The mission of the Chaplin’s Office is to assist with the growth, rejuvenation, and refreshment of the spirit not only for Catholics but for people of all faiths.

Pastoral counseling, guidance in matters moral and spiritual, and meetings with students on an informal basis are important components of our ministry. My office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You also can make an appointment with me by contacting Sharon Carone at 973.642.8511 or

Along with the Chaplain’s Office, Seton Hall Law provides a diverse range of offerings to assist students with the development of their spiritual life. Our hope is that here you will find a place where your faith may flourish within the serenity of a supportive spiritual community.

Father Nicholas Gengaro