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  • The Front Hall
    The design of the building emphasizes openness, space and function. All the offices, classrooms, moot court rooms, and library are interconnected by balconies overlooking the atrium.

  • The Classrooms
    The classrooms line the back of the building. The larger classrooms are in the upper floor and the seminar rooms are found on the lower floors. All rooms include wireless internet access for students' use.

  • Open Door Policy
    Seton Hall embodies and active vibrant community that integrates students and faculty. Take advantage of our professors' open door policies and seek them out after class.

  • The Peter W.
    Rodino library

    Located on three floors, the Peter Rodino Law Library accommodates 600 students including an electronic classroom, hundreds of computers, and spaces suitable for either quiet study or collaborative group discussion.

  • Moot Courts
    The two moot court rooms are found on the first floor and house the moot court competitions and trial advocacy classes.

  • Meeting Places
    The law school offers ample student social space where students can meet with friends or professors. The cafeteria seen here serves food all day and is open on the weekends.