Academic Pathways

Navigating the many paths in legal practice can be difficult. At Seton Hall Law, our curriculum, our community and our culture will help you choose the path that's right for you.

Seton Hall Law faculty enrich legal doctrine with hands-on, practical and individualized applications. Students quickly form rewarding relationships with faculty, classmates, administrators and alumni that support them throughout their careers.

From day one, students work with professors to effect social change. Pro bono work is encouraged beginning your first year. Symposia bring key speakers from around the globe. Nearly 40 student organizations bustle with activities that combine intellectual pursuits and personal interests. Students collaborate with professors to generate cutting-edge research and presentations. Seton Hall Law embodies a robust learning environment with incredible exposure to talented faculty, industry experts and peers.


Intrinsic to our approach to legal education is a unique focus on real-world application of invaluable business and procedural skills that will serve you throughout your career. Whichever academic pathway you choose at Seton Hall Law, you will leave law school with the distinct advantage of being ready to meet your career objectives.