Privately Funded Scholarships & Fellowships  


We wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our generous donors who support scholarships and fellowships, presently being awarded or scheduled to be awarded at a future date, at Seton Hall Law School.  It is due to your kindness that many students are able to pursue their legal education at Seton Hall.

“Law school is an incredible three- or four-year journey for each of us, but it is a journey that comes with a lot of expenses.  Because of your generosity, my fellow scholarship recipients and I have been given added peace of mind, extra financial security, and the opportunity to remain in law school and live out our dreams.”  ~ Bradford Muller


The Honorable Harold A. Ackerman Judicial Fellowship

Michael Ambrosio and Janice Gordon Scholarship

The American Board of Trial Advocates and Scholarship

The John J. Barry Memorial Scholarship of the Association of the
Federal Bar of the State of New Jersey

Mitch F. Baumeister and Lynn F. Samuels Endowed Scholarship

The Edward D. Benattar Trial Advocacy Scholarship

Kathleen M. Boozang Endowed Scholarship

Alberto Cardenas Endowed Scholarship

Professor Gerard Carey Scholarship

The Cino Family Scholarship in Honor of Judge M. Hartnett

The Class of 1988 Scholarship

The Class of 2006 Scholarship

The Colombian Foundation Scholarship

Michael Critchley Endowed Scholarship

Andrew B. Crummy Memorial Scholarship

Diane & James D’Agostino Success Scholarship

Professor John and Rose Marie Deehan Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mariellen Dugan International Law Fellowship

The W. Cary Edwards Memorial Scholarship

Franzese Scholarship

Peter J. Frazza, Esq. Scholarship

Todd M. Galante, Esq. Endowed Scholarship

Professor William E. Garland Book Scholarship

Professor William E. Garland Memorial Scholarship

Matthew Hayes Memorial Scholarship

Samuel Heyman Public Service Student and Post-Graduate Fellowships

Italian American Endowed Scholarship

Alfred F. Jablonski Endowed Scholarship

Jackson Lewis Employment Law Scholarship

The Kaplen Scholarship

The Kevin and Jane Kilcullen Success Scholarship

Michael J. Kosloski Memorial Scholarship

C. Kushner Companies Foundation Scholarship

Joseph P. LaSala Scholarship

LeClairRyan LEO Scholarship

Joseph P. Lordi Memorial Scholarship

Maria E. Cona Miele Scholarship

Kevin Marino Endowed Scholarship

Bob and Margot Meyer God Bless America Scholarship

The Honorable Daniel J. Moore Memorial Scholarship

The Newark Scholarship

James and Sharon Orr Endowed Law Scholarship

The Honorable John C. Palmieri Endowed Scholarship

Richard F. Powell Book Scholarship

The Ronald J. Riccio Endowed Scholarship

Marcia Richman Memorial Scholarship

The Sauchelli Family in Honor of Jerome Gelb Scholarship

The Billy and Ashley Streiter Memorial Scholarship

Charles A. Sullivan Endowed Scholarship

The Verizon Public Interest Fellowship

Karol Corbin Walker LEO Alumni Scholarship

The Judge Lawrence A. and Virginia Golden Whipple Memorial Scholarship