Healthcare Compliance Training - Credit for SHL M.S.J. Students


U.S. Healthcare Compliance Certification Program

PROGRAM SCHEDULED for June 12-15, 2017 | Newark, New Jersey

Healthcare Compliance Certification Program Registration and Requirements for M.S.J. Students


  1. M.S.J. students should register for the Program during course registration.  The Program will be listed as a 3 credit course for M.S.J. students only and will include a course description.  Students should not register online using this website.
  2. Attendance will be required and students will complete a take-home exam at the conclusion of the Program.  The exam will be created and graded by a Seton Hall Law Professor overseeing the program.
  3. In addition to receiving a grade, like other registrants, students will receive a certificate by mail following completion of the Program.
  4. In order to register for credit, M.S.J. students must be matriculated students.  Applicants may register for credit if they apply to the M.S.J. Program, are admitted, and pay their deposit prior to registering for the Program.


CCB Credits (26.7)



complianceADVAMED MDMA



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