Tracy Kaye   

Tracy A. Kaye

Professor of Law

  • Degrees:

  • J.D., Georgetown University Law Center M.S.T., DePaul University B.S., University of Illinois
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  • Tel:  973-642-8455
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  • Comparative Tax Law, Federal Income Tax, International Tax Planning, Corporate Income Tax, European Union Business Law Seminar

Professor Tracy Kaye, the Co-Director of the IRS Chief Counsel's Externship Program and the Dean Acheson Legal Stage Program, specializes in federal income, international and comparative tax law.

During the fall of 2014, Professor Kaye was the Fulbright Senior Research Scholar at the University of Luxembourg where she examined the implications of automatic exchange of information. She was the PwC Visiting Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in the summer of 2012, where her research resulted in an article entitled Innovations in the War on Tax Evasion. Published in the Brigham Young University Law Review, this article explored the impact of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, particularly on the European Union Member States. After her visit as a scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law in Munich, Germany, her research was selected for the 3rd annual Comparative Law Work-in-Progress Workshop at the University of Michigan Law School in May, 2008. Her resulting article, The Gentle Art of Corporate Seduction: Tax Incentives in the United States and the European Union was published in the University of Kansas Law Review. She has also written on tax discrimination and direct taxation in the European Union.

Professor Kaye is currently the Chair of the Academia Committee of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) USA Branch. She is also the Co-Director of Seton Hall Law School's Dean Acheson Legal Stage Program, sponsored by the Court of Justice of the European Union and the American Embassy in Luxembourg to promote understanding of European Union Law among American lawyers. During 1998, she was the Director of the Seton Hall "Law in Italy" program. She has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Indiana, Illinois, Freiburg, and Leiden, as well as Renmin University of China Law School and the University of International Business and Economics, School of Law, in Beijing. In spring 2002, she was a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat in Freiburg, Germany. She is also an Associate Member of the European Association of Tax Law Professors.

Prior to beginning her academic career at Seton Hall Law School in 1991, Professor Kaye studied law and taxation at the Universities of Georgetown, DePaul and Illinois. She earned a B.S. in Accountancy, magna cum laude, at the University of Illinois; an M.S. in Taxation at DePaul University; and her J.D., cum laude, at the Georgetown University Law Center. She worked as a tax legislative advisor for a U.S. Senator, who was a member of the Senate Finance Committee, and practiced and taught tax for Arthur Young & Co. (d.b.a. EY) in Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. She has been selected as a Fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel and serves as the Regent for the Third Circuit on the Board of Regents.



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