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Popular Name Tables

Popular Name Tables

When you need to find out what the name of a statute is, and all you have is an acronym or its popular name, the best resource you can turn to is a popular name table. There are several different popular name tables, some more accessible than others, but they all provide similar information regarding a bill’s popular name, its official name, the U.S. Code citation, and sometimes even basic information about the law.

These resources can also be used to check for acronyms or popular name if you have the official name.

Here are some of the most widely used popular name tables:

Cornell Law School’s Free Popular Name Table Online:

FindLaw Online Popular Name Table:

In addition, Lexis and Westlaw also have popular name tables available online.

On Lexis, after logging into the research page, go to:
Legal > Federal Legal - U.S. > Find Statutes, Regulations, Administrative Materials & Court Rules > United States Code Service (USCS) Materials > USCS Popular Names Table

On Westlaw, after logging into the research page, go to:
Law school tab > Statutes section > USCA Popular Name Table (USCA-POP)