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Tax Law Single-Volume Treatises
Corporate Income Taxation by Douglas A. Kahn and Jeffrey S. Lehman
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6464 .K28 2001
Federal Estate and Gift Taxation by Richard B. Stephens
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6572 .S74 2002
Available electronically via
Westlaw (WGL-GIFTAX)
IRS Practice and Procedure by Michael I. Saltzman
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6300 .S28
Available electronically via Westlaw (WGL-IRSPRAC)
tax Law Multi-Volume Treatises
The Law of Federal Income Taxation by Jacob Mertens
Fifth Floor KF 6369 .M47
Available electronically via Westlaw (MERTENS)
Federal Income, Gift, and Estate Taxation by Jacob Rabkin and Mark H. Johnson
Fifth Floor KF6285 .R3
Available electronically via
Federal Taxation of Income, Estates, and Gifts by Boris I. Bittker and Lawrence Lokken
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6335 .B48
Available electronically via
Westlaw (WGL-IEG)
Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners by William S. McKee et al.
Fourth Floor Reserve KF 6452 .M26
Available electronically via
International Taxation by Joseph Isenbergh
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6441 .I85 2000
Partnership Taxation by Arthur B. Willis, John S. Pennell and Philip F. Postlewaite
Fifth Floor KF 6452 .W55
Available electronically via
State Taxation by Jerome R. Hellerstein and Walter Hellerstein
Fourth Floor Reserve KF 6750 .H44
Available electronically via 
Westlaw (WGL-STATE)
Tax Fraud and Evasion by Ian M. Comisky et al.
Fifth Floor KF6334 .B3
Available electronically via 
Westlaw (WGL-FRAUD)
tax Law Study-Aids
Federal Estate and Gift Taxation in a Nutshell by John K. McNulty and Grayson M.P. McCouch
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6572.Z9 M36 2003
Federal Income Tax: Examples & Explanations by Joseph Bankman, Thomas Grifith & Katherine Pratt
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6369.3 .B35 2005
Federal Income Taxation of Individuals in a Nutshell by John K. McNulty and Daniel J. Lathrope
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6369.3 .M3 2004
International Taxation in a Nutshell by Richard L. Doernberg
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6419.Z9 D64 2009
Tax Procedure and Tax Fraud in a Nutshell by Patricia T. Morgan
Fourth Floor Reserve KF6324.Z9 M67 2006
Tax Law Journals
Members of the Seton Hall Law Community may access full-text articles in the following journals:
Akron Tax Journal
Available electronically via HeinOnline, Legal Periodicals Full Text, Westlaw or WilsonSelectPlus
Florida Tax Review
Available electronically via HeinOnline, Legal Periodicals Full Text, Westlaw or WilsonSelectPlus
Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal
Available electronically via HeinOnline or Westlaw
The Tax Lawyer: Bulletin of the Section of Taxation, American Bar Association
Fourth Floor Reserve K24 .A92
Available electronically via HeinOnline, Legaltrac and WilsonSelectPlus
Virginia Tax Review
Fourth Floor Reserve K26 .I75
Available electronically via HeinOnline, Legaltrac and Westlaw
Tax Law Loose-leaf Services
Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reports via CCH
Federal Excise Tax Reports via CCH
Standard Federal Tax Reports via CCH
State Tax Guide via CCH
Tax Management Portfolios via BNA
United States Tax Reporter via RIA
Tax Law E-Resources

American Bar Association -- Tax Section

BNA Accounting for Income Taxes Monitor 

BNA Accounting Policy & Practice Report 

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BNA Tax Planning International Corporate Restructuring 

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BNA Tax Planning International Review & Forum 

BNA Tax Planning International Transfer Pricing 

BNA Transfer Pricing Report

BNA Weekly Report 

BNA Weekly State Tax Report 

Bulletin for International Fiscal Documentation and European Taxation Journal

CCH Internet Tax Research Network

European Taxation Journal

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals via Westlaw (WGL-INDV)

Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations via Westlaw (WGL-SCORP)

Federal Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders via Westlaw (WGL-CORP)

National Tax Journal

RIA Checkpoint/Academic Advantage Library

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory

Tax Stats

Taxation and Economic Reform in America, A Historical Archive (via HeinOnline)

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse