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The MSJ Program at Seton Hall Law is a 31-credit degree which can be completed entirely online or as a hybrid online/traditional in-person degree, at the student's option. There are no residency requirements for the entirely online graduate program. MSJs who elect to pursue a hybrid online/in-person degree attend live electives and sit side-by-side with Juris Doctor (JD) and post-JD (LLM) students. MSJs are invited to attend special events on campus which are held several times a year and MSJs are always welcome to visit the campus in person to meet faculty and other students pursuing a Master's degree in law.

MSJ students must elect to pursue a concentration area:

  1. Financial Services Compliance
  2. Health & Hospital Law
  3. Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Law & Compliance
  4. Intellectual Property Law

Dual concentrations may be pursued. An MSJ student pursuing a Dual Concentration in any two of Health & Hospital Law, Intellectual Property Law, or Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Law & Compliance must take nine credits in each subject area in order to be awarded the Dual Degree. Additional credits over 31 will be required to earn a dual degree with Financial Services Compliance and any other concentration area. Read the policy here.

Once a course of study is chosen, all MSJ students are required to take four foundational courses in an ONLINE format. In addition to the foundation courses, MSJ students must satisfy the requirements for the concentration area they have chosen through a combination of online or in-person core and elective classes. For the complete list of approved classes in each concentration area, follow the links below:

Financial Services Compliance Concentration Requirements

Health & Hospital Law Concentration Requirements

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Law & Compliance Concentration Requirements

Intellectual Property Law Concentration Requirements

When to start? This schedule lists all the courses and the corresponding start dates.


Sample Schedule

The MSJ program has three start dates each year.  Depending on start date, a sample schedule for an MSJ online student would look like this (electives are 3 credits each and may be taken in any order):


January Introduction to Law & Legal Writing (4 cr.)    
March Torts for MSJs (3 cr.) SUMMER SEMESTER START
June Fundamentals of Business Law (3cr.) Introduction to Law & Legal Writing (4cr.) FALL SEMESTER START
August Constitutional Law for MSJs (3cr.) Torts for MSJs (3cr.)

Introduction to Law & Legal Writing (4cr.)

October Core One
Fundamentals of Business Law (3cr.)
Torts for MSJs (3cr.)


January Core Two
Constitutional Law for MSJs (3cr.)
Fundamentals of Business Law (3cr.)


March Core Three
Core One
Constitutional Law for MSJs (3cr.)


June Elective One
Core Two
Core One


August Elective Two
Core Three
Core Two


October Elective Three
Elective One
Core Three


Elective Two
Elective One


March   Elective Three
Elective Two




*Degrees are conferred in January, May and August each year.  There is one graduation ceremony held in late May each year and all graduates (January, May and August) for that year are encouraged to attend.


Online courses are 8-weeks long and are taken consecutively, not concurrently.  Seton Hall Law does not recommend taking two or more online courses concurrently unless a student is currently not working.


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