Academic Calendar for MSJ and Graduate Certificate Students

Division of Online Learning

Fall 2016 Semester

AUGUST Course Start Date

June 13-August 20: Registration

August 21: First Day of Classes

August 27: Last Day of Drop/Add

September 5: Labor Day - Law School Closed*

October 15: Last Day of Classes


OCTOBER Course Start Date

June 13-October 15: Registration

October 16: First Day of Classes

October 22: Last Day of Drop/Add

October 31: Deadline for January 2017 Degree Application

November 24-25: Thanksgiving Break-Law School Closed*

December 10: Last Day of Classes

December 24-Jan 2: Holiday Break-Law School Closed*

Spring 2017 Semester

JANUARY Course Start Date

October 26-January 14: Registration

January 3: Law School Reopens

January 15: First Day of Classes

January 16: Martin Luther King Day-Law School Closed*

January 21: Last Day of Drop/Add

March 11: Last Day of Classes


MARCH Course Start Date

October 26-March 11: Registration

March 19: First Day of Classes

March 25: Last Day of Drop/Add

March 20: Deadline for May 2017 Degree Application

April 13-14: Holy Thursday/Good Friday-Law School Closed*

May 13: Last Day of Classes

May 25: Graduation Ceremony


Summer 2017 Semester

JUNE Course Start Date

March 21-May 27: Registration

May 29: Memorial Day-Law School Closed*

June 4: First Day of Classes

June 10: Last Day of Drop/Add

June 19: Deadline for August 2017 Degree Application

July 29: Last Day of Classes

*Administrative services at the Newark Campus will not be available.