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Our society is in the midst of a privacy debate which will impact our lives...

About the Institute

Technological change rapidly transforms entrenched social norms and modes of human interaction. These changes repeatedly place privacy at the center of social and legal debates. The Institute for Privacy Protection seeks to educate consumers and businesses and to provide inter-disciplinary forums to address emerging privacy issues. Specifically, the Institute:

  1. educates individuals and organizations about consumers’ exposure to privacy threats and ways to protect their personal information and avoid unsolicited invasions of their personal space through novel technologies and various forms of marketing. The Institute focuses specifically on youth, parents and educators, to increase awareness of privacy threats resulting from use of new information technologies and to highlight potential solutions.
  2. educates businesses and professionals in the general business arena and in highly privacy regulated industries as to the privacy issues and legal rules affecting their operations, including permissible and impermissible sharing of personal information and forms of commercial advertising.
  3. provides inter-disciplinary forums that foster a dialogue among legal academics, lawyers, psychologists, educators, technology designers, consumers, businesses and others to address ethical, cultural, social and legal privacy issues and promote the search for solutions.

Our first focus group meeting was held on April 5, 2017Learn more here >> or contact Najarian Peters, Institute for Privacy Protection Fellow at


Gaia Bernstein is the Michael J. Zimmer Professor of Law and Director of the Institute for Privacy Protection. Professor Bernstein specializes in privacy law with a particular interest in health and genetic privacy, Internet privacy and European privacy law. She is currently working on a book on technological addiction, which examines the impact of communication through information technologies, such as the Internet, cell phones and social networks, on our happiness and privacy. Professor Bernstein was the Chair of the Section on Privacy and Defamation of the American Association of Law Schools. Read more about Professor Gaia Bersnstein >>

Najarian (Jari) Peters has joined the Seton Hall faculty as the inaugural faculty fellow and lecturer at the new Institute for Privacy Protection. Ms. Peters is an attorney and privacy compliance professional with over ten years of experience in academic, healthcare, and private organizations. She will train law students in a new privacy curriculum she is developing for elementary and middle school children. Ms. Peters will also be developing materials and programs to assist businesses navigate privacy and consumer laws. Prior to joining Seton Hall faculty, Ms. Peters was the Senior Healthcare Compliance Manager for the Health and Wellness Business Unit of Panasonic North America. She has also served as Chief Compliance/Privacy Officer/Risk Manager Counsel for National Healthcare Associates and as Senior Compliance, Ethics Liaison, and HIPAA Privacy Officer for the Rutgers Office of Ethics Compliance and Corporate Integrity. After graduating law school, Ms. Peters joined Weill Cornell Medical School's Office of Research Compliance and Sponsored Programs.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Xavier University of Louisiana and her Juris Doctorate from Notre Dame Law School where she received the Joseph Ciraolo Memorial Award, Africana Studies Book Award, and a fellowship at the Center for Social Concerns. As a fellow at the Center for Social Concerns Ms. Peters created and taught the multi-disciplinary undergraduate seminar, Environmental Justice and Human Rights in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which examined the intersectionality of race, class, and environmental justice informed by Catholic social thought. Ms. Peters received Graduate Certifications in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law and Policy Compliance and Healthcare Compliance from Seton Hall Law School.

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