Arts Law Society   

The Arts Law Society (ALS) assists the New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (NJVLA) in providing guidance and counseling on legal issues in the arts community in an effort to help meet the legal needs of New Jersey's voluminous, over-talented, and under-represented artistic community.

ALS members provide first-level screeners for the NJVLA by preparing memoranda that identify legal issues presented by artists seeking legal guidance and other legal tasks as requested by NJVLA. Through NJVLA's network of attorneys operating in related fields, students have the opportunity to gain exposure to real life intellectual property and other issues encountered by artists, develop leadership abilites, and learn the importance of volunteerism as preparation for future service to the community.

ALS serves as a conduit for information relating to local area art events, current legal issues affecting the arts, and opportunities available to students to area performances and shows. ALS also hosts academic symposia, social networking events, and sponsors projects to improve the arts in local Newark schools.

Board Members