Environmental Law Society   

The ELS is dedicated to educating the Seton Hall Law community about environmental issues in the legal profession, and hopes to introduce our peers to the many opportunities in a career in environmental law.

Environmental law is a diverse and exciting practice that involves elements of real estate law, zoning and land use law, administrative law, municipal law, international law, and more.
Environmental lawyers work in both the public and private sectors, from the largest law firms to government agencies. They may be litigators, they may advise their clients regarding compliance issues, or they may help enforce environmental laws.

As the world around us changes, environmental lawyers will continue to shape the future of human interaction with our environment, whether by enforcing government regulations regarding air-borne pollution, or counseling real estate corporations with regards to the environmental impact of large redevelopment projects in urban areas such as Jersey City, Hoboken, and Newark.

Opportunities to practice environmental law will only grow as our country and the world continue to acknowledge the benefits of "green technology" and alternate sources of energy. Developments such as these promise to make environmental law a dynamic, exciting, and lucrative field for years to come.

Please join us as we explore the future of environmental law and the opportunities that lay ahead for each of us.

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