Haiti Rule of Law   

Recognizing that lawyers play a vital role in promoting stability and peace in democratic societies, we, as students of law, hope to ensure that the future lawyers of Haiti have the tools and education necessary to advance the rule of law in their country. The Haiti Rule of Law Association commits itself to supporting l’Ecole Sun>perieure Catholique de Droit so that its students may serve as catalysts for democratic development in Haiti through the promotion of the rule of law and increased respect for individual rights. While constitutions and elections create the framework for a system that respects freedom and promotes justice, it is Haitian lawyers who will help give meaning to the rights and freedoms pledged on paper.
This partnership between our law school and a small law school in rural Haiti reflects Seton Hall’s deep commitment to social justice and the obligation we have as an institution to match our high ideals with meaningful deeds.


  1. The Project will lend support to the school’s efforts to create a more stable and just Haitian society through:

  2. Material support of l’Ecole Sun perieure and its students’ educational needs through student-led fundraising initiatives;

  3. Yearly delegations of students who will travel to Jeremie to interact with the students of l’Ecole Sun perieure;

  4. Relationships via email between bilingual Seton Hall and l’Ecole Sun perieure students;

  5. Education of the Seton Hall student body about the struggle to advance the rule of law in Haiti;

  6. Outreach to New York and New Jersey legal communities in order to generate publicity about l’Ecole Sun perieure in hopes that more individuals and organizations will support the school’s efforts;

  7. Eventually include actual legal support perhaps using the Center for Social Justice.

Board Members

Brandi Shaddick - Vice President - brandi.shaddick@student.shu.edu
Christine Colvert
- Secretary - christine.colvert@student.shu.edu
Jason Stern
- Treasurer - jason.stern@student.shu.edu