Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA)   

The Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA) at Seton Hall University School of Law is a non-profit organization committed to the following goals: Fostering individual achievements; Providing necessary services to the law school community; Addressing legal issues of the minority community.

Our mission is to educate the law school community on the benefits of diversity and create awareness of the challenges that Latino communities currently face.

LALSA achieves its goals by providing academic, professional and social support for all students by recognizing the achievements of Latino students and alumni, so that lessons may be learned, mentorship relationships created, and friendships established among the current LALSA members.

Students of all ethnic backgrounds are welcome and are currently members of LALSA!

Board Members

Jessica Zamora - Vice President -
Arianna Moure - Evening Vice President -
Elis Prendergast - Treasurer -
Karol Ruiz - Secretary - 
Iveth Plascencia - HBA-NJ Representative - 
Sarah Mustafa - Publicist -
Christopher Rivera - Community Service Chair -
Paola A. Guido - Academic and Professional Development Chair -
Jackly Pena
- Senior Advisor -