Student Bar Association   

The Student Bar Association represents the Student Body of Seton Hall University School of Law in promoting student interests and advocating for student life and academic concerns. Specifically, the SBA serves as the governing body of the student organizations while acting as a liasion to the administration on behalf of the students.

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Board Members

Franklin Barbosa - Vice President -
Mike DeJianne
- Evening Vice President -
Svjetlana Tesic
- Treasurer -
Noel Thomas
- Secretary -
Melissa Powers
- Parliamentarian -
Stephanie Brown - Social Chair -


4LE: Akram Alsaidi, Arianna Moure
3LD: Daniel Gilbert, Ghalib Mahmoud, Vani Parti, Alexander Yarbrough
3LE: Benjamin Lindeman
2LD: Mariam Al-Qudah, Jill Colban, Alyra Liriano, Camila Mendes-Ferreira, Agostino Zammiello
2LE: Nedda Alvarez, Edward Collins