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SAVE R US (Students Against Violence Everywhere Are Us) is an organization that seeks to educate and empower youth against bullying, cyber-bullying and violence. The organization coordinates events with guest speakers who are involved in passing legislation (such as the new Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights) or involved in prosecuting violent crimes. An important component of the organization is the Peacemakers program which trains law students through a series of interactive trainings conducted by the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office and the Help Increase the Peace Program. After the training, the law students educate high school and elementary students about the legal implications of bullying, cyber-bullying and violent crimes. The “Peacemakers" use a variety of educational and fun activities to teach students about the harmful consequences of bullying and violence in order to prevent young students from engaging in these destructive activities. It is our hope that educating the youth of today will yield a less violent society in the future.

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