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Writing Contests for Law Students

Writing Contests for Law Students   

There are a number of resources which attempt to keep track of writing contests of interest to law students.  The webpages are differently organized and are updated on different schedules. There is no assurance that all writing contests will be found on these pages, but they are certainly the place to start. If you are interested in a particular field of law, you should also explore the homepages of organizations devoted to that area to determine if they sponsor competitions.

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Note: You may search for all competition listings or by specialty.  Listings are listed by most current deadline.  Any questions regarding the Writing Competitions can be directed to the Office of Student Services at or 973-642-8707.

Louis Jackson National Student Writing Competition
Any Topic relating to the law governing the workplace, such as employment law, labor law, employee benefits and employment discrimination
Top Honors: $3000.00 and Two awards for $1000.00 - Top 3 entries will be published on the Institute for Law and the Workplace
ABA Health Law Student Writing Competition
Any aspect of health law
First place award includes publication in The Health Lawyer, a $500 honorarium, and attendance at the ABA’s Emerging Issues in Healthcare conference (including airfare, at ABA rates, hotel for two nights and a $50 per diem for two days)
2015 ACLM Student Writing Competition in Law, Medicine & Bioethics
Any aspect of legal medicine
First prize – $1,000; 2nd Prize – $500; 3rd Prize – $250
ASECA Securites Law Writing Competition 2015
Any subject in the field of securities law
1st. Place - $5,000  / 2nd Place $3,000 / 3rd Place $2,000
13th Annual Employee Benefits Writing
Any topic in the field of employee benefits law
Alvin D. Lurie Memorial Award $1500.00 Sidney M. Perlstadt Memorial Award $1500.00
Any topic in the field of employee benefits law.
Alvin D. Lurie Memorial Award $1,500 Sidney M. Perlstadt Memorial Award $1,500
H. Thomas Austern Memorial Writing Competition
Areas of law that affect food, drugs, animal drugs, biologics, cosmetics, diagnostics, dietary supplements, medical devices and tobacco
1st place — $5,000 | 2nd place — $3,000 | 3rd place — $1,000
Epstein Becker & Green Health Law Writing Competition
Current topics of interest relating to health law
First Place: $4,000; Second Place: $2,000; Third Place: $500
ACCFSL2016 Writing Competition
Eligible entries willl address a topic on consumer financial services, but not securities regulation, insurance or the safety-and-soundness aspects of banking regulation
$2500 / $2000 / $1000  A Ceretificate of Recognition from the College, and travel expenses to attend the Spring 2016 meeting of the College.
The 2017 Tannenwald Writing Competition
Federal or State Tax Related Topic
$5,000.00, $2,500.00 and $1,500.00 for the top three papers
Epstein Becker Green Health Law Writing Competition
Health Law
Top Three Submissions are: $4,000, $2,000, and $500
College of Labor and Employment Lawyers and ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law
Labor and Employment Law
First Place: $3000.00 Second Place: $1000.00 Third Place: $500.00 The First Place winning article will be published in the ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law.
Mollie and Paul Hill Student Writing Competition
Medical and Legal Collaboration
Outstanding Paper by a Law Student
American Indian Law Review
Papers will be accepted on any issues concerning American Indian Law or indigenous peoples
First Place:  $1000.00 & publication in the American Indian Law, Review  Second Place: $500.00 Third Place: #250.00
The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers and ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law
Public Policy Issues, Practicial Implications of a leading case or doctrine, a statute or the need for statutory modification, or a common law doctrine
First Place $3000, Second Place: $1000 and Third Place $500
ASECA Securities Law Writing Competition
Securities Law
First Place $5000.00 Second Place $3000.00, and Third Place $2000.00
2015 James E. Beckley Securities Arbitration and Law Competition
Securities Law; Securities Arbitration; The Federal Arbitration Act (Title 9, U.S.C. Sec. 1-14); or FINRA Code of Arbitration
First Prize - $1000; Second Prize - $750; Third Prize - $500
Center for Alcohol Policy Eighth Annual Essay Contest
State alcohol regulation and its implications for citizens across the U.S.
Cash prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners in the amounts of $5,000, $2,500 and $1,000 respectively.
IFA USA Branch 2015 Writing Competition
The application of U.S. tax rules to international activities
Cash Prize
First Annual WCL National Health Law Writing Competition
Topics of interest relevant to health law
First Place: $1000 | Second Place: $500
The Theodore Tannenwald Jr. Foundation for Excellence in Tax Scholarship Writing Competition
Topics relating to tax practice ethical and professional responsibility matters
Cash Prize
International Association of Defense 2016 Legal Writing Contest
Tort Law, Insurance Law, Civil Procedure, Evidence
$2,000 First Place, $1,000 second place and $500 third place
LSAC Diversity Committee Writing Competition
Why Pipeline Programs Targeting Students From Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Backgrounds Are Essential to the  Future of the Legal Profession
One winning paper from each of the 3 categories will receive $5,000.00
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