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Welcome to Seton Hall School of Law's Housing Opportunities and Roommate Search Site; where students can obtain information on how to submit a current housing opportunity, view current housing listings, and/or submit a roommate profile to find a roommate and explore housing opportunities together.

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If you are a Seton Hall Law School student or a Property Manager with a current housing opportunity and would like to post the details on our housing opportunity listing, please select the "Add a Housing Opportunity" button above.  These postings will be approved by the Department of Student Services. 


If you are a Seton Hall student or a prospective student and would like to explore roommate opportunities, please use our Roommate Search Site. 

Note: This search site is only for potential roommates where neither party has housing.  If you are a student with housing and are looking for a roommate, you should submit the details of the opportunity as indicated above (Current Housing Opportunities).


Current student and/or recently admitted students who have their SHUID (8 digit number) may login using their SHUID and their 6 digit Date of Birth number (mmddyy).  Recently admitted students who have not yet received their SHUID, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 973-642-8707 or law_studentservices@shu.edu.