Current Students

New MSJ and Graduate Certificate Student Checklist   

Congratulations on your acceptance to the MSJ and Graduate Certificate Programs! Please check the lists below (Financial/Payments, Registration/Academics, and Technology Requirements) and confirm you have completed and/or reviewed.

Financial / Payments

chck_box Have you paid your deposit? (Triggers creation of your PirateNet/LawNet Account)
    Pay deposit >>


chck_box Have you submitted your FAFSA? (for MSJ degree students seeking financial aid - financial aid is not available for Graduate Certificate students)
    Submit your FAFSA >>


chck_box Have you paid your tuition? (instructions on how to view and pay your tuition)
    Pay your Tuition >>


Technology Requirements / Information

chck_box Have you Checked your Computer for Technology Compatibility?
    Review list of technical compatibility Requirements >>


chck_box Have you Setup your SHU Email account and/or forwarded to a preferred alternate email account? (If you do not plan on checking your SHU email account daily, please setup a "rule" to forward copies of your SHU emails to a preferred email address)
   How to Setup your SHU Email account >>


chck_box Have you Logged into your PirateNet / LawNet Portal account?
    (portal where you setup your SHU email, register for classes, check your grades, pay your bill)
    Login to PirateNet / LawNet Portal >>


chck_box Have you taken a Blackboard Tutorial? (Blackboard is a web-based learning management system that provides a space for each course you have registered to participate in.  Faculty will include course materials through the Blackboard system.)
    View Blackboard Tutorials >>

Registration / Academics

chck_box Have your Registered for your Classes?
    View Registration Start Dates >>  |  View Course Catalogs (fall, spring summer) >> 
    Learn how to register >>  |  Learn how to add/drop a class/course >> 
    View Online Course Policies >>


chck_box Have you Reviewed your Course Start Dates?
    View Online Academic Calendar >>


chck_box Have you Ordered your Books?
    View first class assignments list of courses with book ordering information >>  | 


chck_box Have you Reviewed your first week's assignments?
    View first class assignments  >>


chck_box Have you Reviewed the Academic Policy, Honor Code and other Law School Policies?
    View Academic Policy (MSJ only) >>  |  View Honor Code >> 
    View Course & other Law School Policies (MSJ & Graduate Certificate) >>


chck_box Have you familiarized yourself with the Resources for MSJ
    & Graduate Certificate Students section
    View the Resources for MSJ and Graduate Certificate Students >>

Other information of interest (for students attending live classes)

chck_box If commuting to school, do you know about the NJ TRANSIT Discount?
   (for students attending classes in building)


chck_box Public Safety Information (for students attending classes in building)


chck_box Student Parking/Commuting Options (for students attending classes in building)