Print from MAC   

Important Note:  Mac laptops running 10.6.8 or lower must upgrade to the latest version before installing the Papercut client.  To upgrade to the latest version of OS X go to the Mac App Store, then Updates and download the update.  More information can be found here:

PaperCut Client Installation

1. Click this link to install the correct version of the PaperCut client: 

  • Note: If the link does not work, press Command-K and enter the address in the Server Address field, then click connect.

2. If asked to enter your name and password, select Registered User and enter your Law School AD credentials. (Select Remember this password in my keychain so that you are not asked to authenticate again)

3. Double-click the client-local-install file. This will execute a small AppleScript program that will start the install process.

  • If you receive a message stating that “client-local-install” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, you need to temporarily change your security settings.

  • Go to your Apple Menu and then System Preferences

  • Go to Security & Privacy

  • Go to the General Tab

  • If you see a message stating that “client-local-install” was blocked from opening because it not from an identified developer towards the bottom of the window, click on Open Anyway

  • If that allows you to install the software, move on to Step 4.  If not, look for the lock on the bottom of the window.  If it is locked, select Click the lock to make changes and enter your Mac password.

  • That will allow you to select options in Allow apps downloaded from: area. Note your current selection (so you can adjust it back after the installation) and select Anywhere.

  • A confirmation screen will appear.  Select Allow from Anywhere.

  • You can now go back to Step 1 of the installation instructions to install the PaperCut client.  Please remember to adjust your security preferences back to their original setting once the installation is complete.

4. If you receive a warning indicating that client-local-install is an application downloaded from the Internet, select don’t warn me and click Open.

5. When asked if you want to Install PCClient into the Applications Folder, select Yes.

  • Note: This window may be blocked by other windows, so look for a bouncing icon on your toolbar and click on it if you do not see this message

6. The installation will take a minute or two, and during the installation your mouse pointer may appear as a small black and white circle or you may not see an installation progress indicator at all. This is normal. Once the installation is complete, the PaperCut login window will appear.

7. Login using your Law School AD credentials.

8. Make sure “Remember my identity” is checked.

9. If you see your Print Balance window, PaperCut is successfully installed.

Printer Installation

1.  If you have previously installed this printer, make sure to delete that printer first before continuing (this would include any installations before the Fall 2016 semester).  If this is your first time installing the printer on your Mac, you do not need to complete this step.

2.  If you have not already installed the Canon Printer Drivers for OS X, or if you are not sure if they are already installed, you can download and install the drivers from here:

  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4245 Drivers

  • (Go to Drivers & Downloads and Select your OS if it is not automatically detected.  Download and install the latest UFRII Driver with file name format

3.  Open System Preferences, Printers & Scanners, Print & Scan or Printer Setup Utility (depending on your version of OS X)

4.  Click the add new printer button (+)

5.  In the Add window, Right-Click (CTRL + Click) anywhere on the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar.

6.  Drag the 'Advanced' item on to the toolbar and click Done.

7.  Now click Advanced in the toolbar.

8.  When it stops searching, under Type select "Windows printer via spoolss".

9.  Leave Device as it is ('Another Device')

10. For URL, use the link below for the printer you would like to install (you can copy and paste the link):

  • Law School Printer: smb://LAWPRINTPS/Law%20School%20Printer

11. In the Name field, any name is allowed, though you should choose a name that uniquely identifies the printer.

12. The Location field is optional and may be left blank.

13. In the Use or Print Using field, from the Drop-Down menu choose Select Software or Select Printer Software and then select the Canon iR-ADV 4245 printer and click OK.

  • (TIP: In the top right corner Search box, type 4245)

14. Click Add

15. Once the printer is found, the Installable Options window will appear.  For Output Options select Inner Finisher D1.  All other fields can remain as their default values and then click OK.

16. Your printer is now installed.

17. The first time you print, you may be asked for your name and password for the Printer. Use your AD login information and select Remember this password in my keychain.