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Center for Policy & Research

NYU Partners with Seton Hall Law to Create Guantánamo Archive

New York University’s Tamiment Library and Seton Hall University’s Center for Policy and Research are pleased to announce a new project to document, preserve, and make accessible the legal records and the human stories of the Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp.

This documentation initiative will collect records relating to the rules governing enemy combatants, legal strategies, prisoner interrogation, government representation of battlefield capture, recidivism, profiles of detainees, the detainees’ stories, and the global detention system established by the Bush administration.

The archive will include lawyers’ records and oral histories, detainee oral histories, Department of Defense websites, photographs, videotapes, and electronic records.

The Guantánamo documentation project is co-directed by Mark Denbeaux, professor of Law at Seton Hall University Law School and director of the Center for Policy and Research; Jonathan Hafetz, adjunct professor of Law at Seton Hall; and Michael Nash, director of the Tamiment Library (a special collection documenting radical politics) and co-director of the Frederic Ewen Academic Freedom Center at NYU.

Professor Denbeaux and Jonathan Hafetz are editors of The Guantánamo Lawyers: Inside a Prison Outside the Law (NYU Press, October 2009), a collection of more than one hundred personal narratives from attorneys who have represented detainees held at Guantánamo.

The Tamiment Library is a special collection that documents the history of radical politics and labor. Its Frederic Ewen Academic Freedom Center sponsors a wide variety of scholarly and public programs relating to intellectual freedom and civil liberties.

For information contact: Michael.Nash@nyu.edu; 212-998-2428; or Mark Denbeaux, denbeama@shu.edu; 973-642-8822