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Professor Lori Nessel

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Professor Lori Nessel On PBS' Due Process on Immigration Reform

Professor Lori Nessel, Director of the Center for Social Justice, appeared on PBS’ Due Process regarding immigration reform and, more particularly, the recent announcement of President Obama that the United States would exercise proscecutorial discretion to no longer move to deport undocumented immigrants if they came to the U.S. as children (less than 16 years old) are now younger than 30, have been in the country for at least five years (continuous), have no criminal record, graduated from a U.S high school (or GED), or have served in the military. Undocumented aliens meeting this criteria may also apply for work permits, good for two years and renewable an unlimited number of times.

Professor Nessel appeared on the show in a panel arguing the merits of the initiative, especially as it compares to the failed DREAM Act.

See PBS’ Due Process: DREAM Act, One Step Closer (Professor Nessel’s segment appears at 8:50)