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Jeremy Dack

Destination Seton Hall Law: Jeremy Dack '14

Born and raised in California

Born and raised in the Wine Country of northern California, Jeremy Dack ’14 decided he needed a perspective of life outside progressive California. With the support of his wife, they packed up and started their drive from California across the United States to make Seton Hall Law their new home.

As a student with spinal muscular atrophy, Dack’s decision to enter law school was reinforced when he experienced workplace discrimination. He explains, “I was unhappy with the corporate world and I decided there has to be more people like me who have the desire to be successful but face obstacles of discrimination. This is why I enrolled at Seton Hall Law. My workplace challenges made me aware of the limits of the law and courses at Seton Hall, along with interning this summer at Disability Rights New Jersey, showed me how the law actually works.”

Jeremy_Dack_at_Equal_Justice_WorksDack received the New Jersey Law Firm Group’s Diversity Fellowship, giving him the opportunity to intern for Disability Rights New Jersey. This internship opened Dack’s eyes to the ongoing confinement of the disabled in New Jersey institutions. His summer was spent working to help individuals involuntarily committed to institutions because of cognitive and psychiatric disabilities, and he hopes to focus his legal career on laws that have unintended negative impacts of the lives on the disabled. “The disabled community must engage society to develop a spirit of mutual respect. Individuals with disabilities simply want to be productive and treated as valued members of society,” he says.

With Dack’s spiritual beliefs coinciding with Seton Hall’s University’s Catholic mission, he explains that his faith is an important factor that led him to Seton Hall. “I loved the fact that Seton Hall places an emphasis on creating a community of faith, which has created a welcoming educational environment. This atmosphere is one of the main things that has kept me grounded, and it was nice to find a place where faith was as important to the institution as it is to me!”

Dack describes his biggest challenge as “overcoming the obstacles I face due to my disability. It is a daily challenge not to allow my disability to prevent me from doing something great and being open to the opportunities that come my way! The people that I have met here and the friendships that I have developed at Seton Hall have been great in giving me that opportunity.”