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Frank Wilk '13

FBI intelligence analyst deepens his knowledge of the law

A law student by night, Frank Wilk ’13 works as an FBI intelligence analyst (IA) in Manhattan during the day. Wilk describes his career path to date: “I majored in criminal justice in college and at the time I thought I wanted to be a Secret Service agent. My first job after graduation was as an investigator for the public defender in D.C., where I investigated violent street crime. After 18 months at that position I received a job offer with the FBI in Manhattan.”

As a strategic analyst, Wilk specializes in white-collar crime, with a subject matter expertise in securities and corporate fraud. “In a typical day, I study and research trends in the white-collar field. So, for example, if mortgage fraud is the current project, I will research and examine foreclosure data, short sale numbers, etc. After all of this information gathering, I will make an analytical judgment as to nature of mortgage fraud in our jurisdiction,” he explains. “It’s a tremendously satisfying career, but it is not like anything on television. When I go home I feel like I’ve served my community, I have a real sense of accomplishment. I believe most of the work I complete helps executive management make decisions.”

Despite the excitement and fulfillment in working for the FBI, Wilk decided he wanted to go to law school. “I’ve always said I was not interested in law because my work experience with attorneys was not what I was looking for in a career,” says Frank. “The attorneys I worked with were always on the criminal litigation side, it was very adversarial work and I'm more of a fact-finder. But, going through my career, I found I actually really liked the law, I liked comparing the facts of a situation with the law. When I reflected on going to law school, it was something that was very appealing to me.”

Wilk is pleased with his decision to Seton Hall Law, saying, “Seton Hall Law School has a very good reputation. I enjoy the private school nature and I enjoy the accommodations that they provide for us here. It is very comfortable to learn in this setting. Seton Hall Law’s campus is also convenient for my own personal life, since I work in New York City and I live nearby.”

With graduation in a few months, Wilk plans to continue working at the FBI. “I’m a person that is always trying to challenge myself; my hope is that this law degree will help me find new challenges in the FBI as well as in government service.”  

To learn more about careers working with the FBI or in government careers in general, visit usajobs.gov or contact the Seton Hall Law Office of Career Services.