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Kailey Ibsen '14

Combining her pursuit of a legal career and her love of travel

Kailey Ibsen '14 will soon have spent two summers working on international legal issues in Southeast Asia. Though she always enjoys the experiences, Kailey plans to stay stateside and work for the State Department this fall. Kailey is pictured at center above with the Honorable Edward J. Damich, United States Court of Federal Claims, and Judge Tan Boon Heng of Singapore.

Kailey explains her journey to Seton Hall Law School, saying, “I grew up in New Jersey and I want to eventually settle down here. Seton Hall is an excellent school and a family school—my grandfather was a chemistry professor at SHU and my mom attended the University for her undergraduate and graduate studies.”

Since her arrival, Kailey has sought to combine two passions, the law and travel: "I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer and prior to starting law school, I spent several years teaching and studying in China.”

Kailey_Ibsen- ASEAN-USPTOWhile many first-year law student express an interest in practicing international law, Kailey is developing a specialty in Intellectual Property (IP) law that she can practice in the global arena: “I would advise law students interested in international law to narrow it down a little. International is general, you need to pick a subset. I’ve found that IP law is mobile because clients need to register trademarks or patents in each country where they do business. Law firms need lawyers who can guide them in this process.” (Pictured, left, at the ASEAN-U.S. Patent Trade Office Roundtable for the Judiciary on Intellectual Property Rights, Issues and Enforcement, which attended in Summer 2012.)

Kailey does not have a degree in hard sciences, but she has had opportunities to build her skills: “Last summer I interned at the U.S. Embassy Bangkok for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's IP attaché for Southeast Asia. One of the first challenges was getting set up in Bangkok. Housing was not provided, so I flew to Thailand by myself, checked into a hotel and started looking for an apartment. I do not speak Thai so it was a memorable weekend. But, I got an apartment and I started work.”

Halong_Bay_Northern_VietnamWhile Kailey was there she worked on a multitude of international issues. “The Asian legal market is full of opportunities and is a frontier for those interested in IP law. I drafted memos on a broad range of IP issues in the region. Throughout the summer I had the opportunity to go to conferences with my supervisors, including a U.N.-WIPO [World Intellectual Property Organization] conference. I also had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia and Vietnam with my brother after I completed the internship,” says Kailey. (pictured at Halong Bay in North Vietnam.)

This summer Kailey is again returning to Bangkok, this time working in the private sector at Tilleke & Gibbins, the oldest law firm in Thailand and also, the country's top IP law firm. “I will be working in the Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs Department,” explains Kailey. After this summer Kailey intends to apply her experience abroad in the United States. “I'll be interning in the fall of 2013 for the U.S. Department of State at the U.S. Mission to the U.N in New York,” she says.

As her third year approaches, Kailey is glad she chose to study at Seton Hall Law School, saying, “I would recommend Seton Hall Law to anyone who wants to study international law. Everyone here has given me great advice, particularly Professor Margaret Lewis. We have a shared interest in Asia and she has been a great mentor. Professor Politano also helped me to form some foundational knowledge in IP law before I started my 1L internship. Students who choose Seton Hall will find a network of support here.”