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Summer Work

Katelyn Mineo '15 at Johnson & Johnson

Katelyn Mineo '15 was selected to participate in the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Compliance Fellowship Program this summer. She writes from their offices in central New Jersey:

Growing up in New Jersey and going to school at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, I have seen the presence and positive impact that Johnson & Johnson has had in both the local community and world at large. I have always had great respect for Johnson & Johnson because of its Credo; not only is it a company whose “first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, mothers and fathers and all who use their products,” but employees actually live out the Credo through their business decision-making and practice.

When I heard that Johnson & Johnson wanted to work with Seton Hall Law to begin a Corporate Compliance Fellowship Program I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to explore the areas of compliance and health law while supporting an industry-leading and global-reaching pharmaceutical company that holds similar values that I do.

Along with an excellent company reputation, the opportunity to help shape the fellowship program piqued my interest. Prior to law school I graduated with a B.S. in Marine Chemistry and worked at Merck & Co. as an analytical chemist in late stage drug development where I monitored impurity levels in active pharmaceutical ingredients to comply with regulations. At Merck, I also took on leadership roles as a member of the lab safety team where I monitored compliance with waste regulations. From this work, I developed an appreciation for healthcare compliance and saw the importance of compliance programs to ensure that the most beneficial and safe products were developed for the customer.

At Seton Hall Law, I have been active with the Health Law Forum student organization and plan on graduating with a concentration in Health Law. My long-term goal is to work in-house at a pharmaceutical company. I saw this fellowship as a way to gain a strong foundation in regulatory law at a company that has committed itself to providing the best healthcare products for its customers while supporting and truly caring about the world community.

As an intern with Johnson & Johnson this summer I am working with both the Law and Compliance Departments at the World Headquarters in New Brunswick. My work has consisted of revising a training resource for employees that sets forth appropriate business practices and helps J&J companies compliantly operate in a highly regulated environment. I have also been updating aspects of the Johnson & Johnson policy documents that are based on legal requirements under U.S. Health Care Fraud and Abuse laws, industry codes of conduct, and the Company’s Credo principles. In addition to these training and policy resources, I am putting together a training seminar for Healthcare Compliance Officers to help them analyze promotional and marketing arrangements and other interactions with customers under applicable legal requirements. Part of the fellowship has consisted of visits to operating-company sites such as Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Ethicon, where I attended copy review of promotional and marketing materials and shadowed various Healthcare Compliance Officers. I also had the opportunity to shadow a Cordis sales representative for the day and see how the company’s guidelines are carried out in daily interactions with healthcare professionals.

Throughout my time at Johnson & Johnson I have had the opportunity to network with many lawyers working in various areas of the company. Due to Johnson & Johnson’s strong emphasis on personal development, all those that I have met with have been extremely open in discussing their work and career path with me. This fellowship has been an exceptional learning experience and fundamental in shaping my career path in health law. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and know without a doubt that the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Compliance Fellowship Program will be a truly valuable experience for future Seton Hall Law students.

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