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Study Law in the Middle East: Jordan

Brandi Shaddick '14 Attends Jordan Study Abroad Program

Jordan_196102From America’s soldier in the Middle East to a study abroad student in the Middle East, Brandi Shaddick ’14 spent the summer of 2012 as a participant in Seton Hall Law’s program in Jordan, studying International Oil & Gas and Law in the Modern Middle East.

The program in Jordan offers students a unique opportunity to study international and comparative law in Amman, Jordan – a venerated city located in the heart of the Arab world. Students received the opportunity to interact and study together in this unique setting at the beautiful Columbia University Middle East Research Center (CUMERC) located in West Amman. The students also had the chance visit Jordanian legal institutions and interact with prominent scholars, judges, and public officials involved with those institutions. The program offered optional tours to the ancient Nabatean city of Petra and other exotic and exciting locations; students also enjoyed a swim in the Dead Sea.

Brandi-Shaddick-militaryShaddick was a soldier in the Army for five years on active duty and it was during her deployment in Afghanistan when she really decided to enroll at Seton Hall Law With an undergraduate degree in International Studies and a concentration in Middle Eastern studies, she wanted to combine her academic and military experience in Jordan . “Being in the Military, we have our own rules and regulations to follow,” she explained. “The dichotomy between the protocols of the Army and the local customs we observed, as we worked together to make a difference in the region, was very obvious. I wanted to understand the relationship between the two and how the legal systems, the underpinning of those communities, were formed and maintained. Plus, I wanted to get an understanding of how the law works in general.”

She continues, “Before I left for the program, I was really nervous about going back to the Middle East. I have been to the Middle East before for an extended period of time, but as a soldier. This trip gave me a sense of personal growth, and it was good for me to get back over there in my new role as a student, and not as a soldier.”

“Seton Hall is the only American law school that offers a program of this kind and it was one of the main reasons why I actually chose Seton Hall over other law schools,” she concludes. “I would love to go back to Jordan! The program is really fun, the people are awesome, and the food is amazing!”