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Seton Hall Law Students Victorious in Health Law Moot Court Competition

Seton Hall Law current ranked second place in the national Moot Court ranking

Seton Hall Law School’s Interscholastic Moot Court Board took First Place at the National Health Law Moot Court Competition, held at the Southern Illinois University School of Law in Carbondale on November 1-2, 2013. The team competed for two days and won six rounds before being crowned the champion. Alex Silagi ’14 was awarded both Best Preliminary Round Oralist and Best Overall Oralist in the competition, and the team, which also included Christina Yousef ’14, won Second Best Brief.

The team came through each round with near-perfect scores in spite of strong competition. Speaking of the win, Silagi commented, “I was fortunate to do well in the competition, but any success was due in part to the high bar set by the other teams and the thoughtfulness of the judges' questions. Of course, luck had a small role too: winning the coin toss four times in a row didn't hurt. In fact, I still have in my wallet the ‘lucky’ quarter that Professor Basanta let me keep.”

“I am so honored and humbled to have won the National Health Law Moot Court Competition,” Yousef wrote. “I learned a lot about myself in the process, and this competition was something I really enjoyed. It gave our team the opportunity to delve into the First Amendment and the Health Care Quality Improvement Act. To do so with my moot court partner, Alex, an extremely talented individual, made it that much more rewarding.”

Jodi Anne Hudson ’96, Director of the Interscholastic Moot Court Board, commented, “Christina and Alex put in hundreds of hours of work writing the brief and educating themselves on the topics they were to argue. They truly understood the problem and could converse about it so eloquently. This level of comprehension was appreciated and acknowledged by all of the judges at the competition. And it made my duties as their coach that much easier throughout the weekend.”

Christina Yousef recognized the coaching she received from Professor Hudson as well as the guidance from Tara Ragone, Research Fellow and Lecturer in Law of Seton Hall Law’s top-ranked Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy. “Jodi spent countless hours with us,” Yousef shared. “Without her dedication to our team and to the moot court program in general, this win would not have been possible. Tara Ragone did a great job helping us deepen our knowledge of the related health law issues, which strengthened our oral arguments. ”

Seton Hall Law School is currently second place in the national Moot Court Program rankings for the 2013-2014 academic year and will return, along with 16 other schools, to compete at the Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship in January 2014, an annual competition that determines the overall national Moot Court champion.

“The moot court program here at Seton Hall is really incredible, and it prepared us for success in Southern Illinois,” Yousef said.

“The competition ran flawlessly,” Silagi concluded. “The students on the Moot Court Board in Southern Illinois could not have been nicer or more helpful—whether I was asking them to track down water bottles or an empty room to practice my argument. It is the overall quality of people and competition that makes the long trip from New Jersey to Carbondale (or, as a few students corrected me, Carbondalé) totally worth it. I hope I see the board members again soon at other competitions.”

Silagi and Yousef will soon begin preparations for their participation in the National Appellate Advocacy Moot Court Competition in March. They join the other 26 members of the Board, who will compete in 11 national competitions during the Spring semester. For information concerning the Interscholastic Moot Court Board, contact Professor Jodi Anne Hudson at jodi.hudson@shu.edu.

- Contributed by Victoria Dorum '17

Pictured, from left, are competition winners Alex Silagi '14 and Christina Yousef '14, with competition judges including the Hon. Julio Fuentes of the Circuit Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit; Victoria Green, President of the American College of Legal Medicine; the Hon. G. Patrick Murphy of the District Court for the Southern District of Illinois; and Anita Bernstein, Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School.