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Students swearing-in ceremony at 2013 Orientation

Seton Hall Law presents ‘Introduction to Lawyering’

New comprehensive approach acquaints first-year students to fundamentals of legal practice

This fall, Seton Hall Law School will welcome first-year students to the world of lawyering with a comprehensive and holistic approach to teaching legal skills though a new course, Introduction to Lawyering.

Introduction to Lawyering is a six-credit full-year required course for all first-year students, acquainting them with the fundamental skills employed by lawyers across various practice areas. In doing so, the course enables students to develop the habits of thoughtful, reflective and ethical professional practice.  

In Introduction to Lawyering, students will learn core legal skills: writing, research, interviewing, fact analysis, client counseling, negotiation and oral advocacy. Through the use of simulations, students will step into the lawyer role, practice their skills, and make decisions that will challenge them on intellectual, strategic, emotional and ethical levels. Students will learn how to approach legal problems by thoroughly planning, executing and then critically reflecting on the choices they make.

Faculty will provide opportunities for students to experiment with the development of their professional voices and identities, and will expose students to the satisfaction that can be found practicing law. Lawyering sections will be small and students will often work collaboratively in teams on projects; thus providing an intimate and collegial academic setting.

“Seton Hall Law’s approach to legal education melds deep engagement with doctrine and theory with critical hands-on, experiential learning,” said Professor Maya Grosz, Director of the Legal Practice Curriculum. “Through simulation classes, externships, and clinical training our students gain first-hand experience exercising and honing their practical lawyering skills. We believe Introduction to Lawyering will enable 1Ls to gain even greater proficiency in the practice of law earlier in the education process, which they can apply right away in their summer internships, clerkships and other legal positions.”

“National Jurist magazine, which monitors legal education trends, just ranked Seton Hall Law #13 in the nation based on the quality of our practical training,” said Claudette St. Romain, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. “Our curriculum and teaching approach has yielded tangible results for our students: our employment statistics for the Class of 2013 reflect a near-90% employment rate. It’s clear that employers appreciate the quality of education that a Seton Hall Law education provides its students.”