Diversity Continuing Legal Education

CLE Materials for "A Journey Through the Pipeline" Event


The challenges begin: primary and secondary school education

Open PDF Document Primary and Secondary Education - Shavar D. Jeffries

Open PDF Document Pipeline Diversity Presentation - Craig Livermore

Open PDF Document A Journey Through the Pipeline Organization Contacts - Craig Livermore 

Open PDF Document A Demographic Portrait of K-12 Academic Achievement - Teresa L. Moore

The challenges continue: College and law school

Open PDF Document Overcoming Racial Obstacles to Success in Law - Rachel D. Godsil

Open PDF Document The Mentor's Dilemma: Providing Critical Feedback Across the Racial Divide - Rachel D. Godsil

Open PDF Document Advising Under-represented Students-The Pre Law Institute - Vielka V. Holness

Open PDF Document The Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program - Janai S. Nelson

Recruiting and retaining minority lawyers

Open PDF Document  Diversity in the Legal Profession: The Next Steps 

Open PDF Document Ending the Revolving Door Syndrome in Law - Luis J. Diaz

Open PDF Document A Primer on Diversity, Discrimintation, and Equality in the Legal Profession or Who is Responsible for Pursuing Diversity and Why

pathways to the judiciary for minority lawyers

Open PDF Document Constitutional Requirements for Superior Court - Julie Cavanagh

Open PDF Document Appellate Advocacy and Decisionmaking in State Appellate Courts in the Twenty-First Century - The Honorable James H. Coleman, Jr.

Open PDF Document Pathways to the Judiciary for Minory Lawyers Presentation - Jeremy Farrell

Open PDF Document The Judicial Fruits of Diversity - Jeremy Farrell

Open PDF Document When Opportunity Knocks-The Benefits of Judicial Clerkships 101 - Jeremy Farrell

Open PDF Document Working in Chambers-Judicial Clerkships Provide a Unique Career Experience