Critical Tax Conference

March 29-31, 2012 at Seton Hall Law School

Participants' Abstracts & Papers


Abreu, Alice & Greenstein, Richard
PDFDeveloping a Jurisprudence of Values; Embracing Critical Tax
Blank, Joshua
PDFCollateral Compliance
Cauble, Emily
PDFRethinking the Timing of Tax Decisions: Does a Taxpayer Ever Deserve a Second Chance?
Dexter, Bobby L.
PDFInterest Indenture of the Talented Tenth: Student Loans, Home Equity Debt, and the Desperate Race to Win the Future
PDFDexter: Conference PowerPoint Presentation
Eyal-Cohen, mirit
Open PDF DocumentSize Doesn't Matter: A Critical Analysis of Small Business Definitions
Herzig, David J.
PDFDisregarding DOMA: The IRS' Improper Reaction to Unconstitutional Statutes
PDFHerzig: Conference PowerPoint Presentation
Infanti, Anthony
PDFTax Reform Discourse
PDFInfanti-Conference PowerPoint Presentation
Leviner, Sagit
PDFThe Role Tax Preparers Play in Taxpayer Compliance-An Empirical Investigation with Policy Implications
PDFLeviner-Conference PowerPoint Presentation
Lu, Lynn
PDFBeyong Watchdogs, Whistleblowers, and Scapegoats: Pushing the Limits of Social Justice Reform through Federal Tax Exemption for Public Charities
Marian, Omri
PDFMeaningless Comparisons: Corporate Tax Reform Discourse in the United States (draft)
PDFMarian: Conference PowerPoint Presentation
Mehrotra, Ajay K.
PDFThe Paradox of Retrenchment: Post-WWI Republican Ascendancy and the Triumph of the Modern Fiscal State
Oei, Shu-Yi
PDFWho Wins When Uncle Sam Loses? Social Insurance and the Forgiveness of Tax Debts
Ordower, Henry
PDFSchedularity in U.S. Taxation, its Effect on Tax Distribution, Comparison with Sweden
Osofsky, Leigh
PDFGetting Realistic About Reponsive Tax Administration
Robinson, Mildred Wigfall
PDF"Skin in the Game:" Invisible Taxpayers, Invisible Citizens?
Sanni, Abiola
PDFLegal and Administrative Challenges of the Value Added Tax in a Federal System-Recent Developments in Nigeria
Satterthwaite, Emily Ann
PDFThe Sub-S Shelter and Choice-of-Entity for Entry-Level Entrepreneurs: A Modest Proposal
Soled, Jay  A.
 PDFThe Internal Revenue Code and Automobiles: A Case Study of Taxable Fringe Benefits and Taxpayer Noncompliance
Shurtz, Nancy
 PDFRelationship LLCs: Can Partnership Taxation Solve Same Sex Discrimination
PDFShurtz: Conference PowerPoint Presentation